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Campaign – Chapter 16

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Campaign manager Katrina “Kate” Kindling is striving against all odds to get Senator Marcia Brute into the White House.

Chapter Sixteen – Rumors

Mob henchmen for the late Don Nino Carlino, Ricky Faulk & Harry Schette are enjoying breakfast when Faulk cracks open the newspaper and gasps.

“What is it, chowderhead?” Schette mutters, sipping coffee.

Faulk slides the paper across the kitchen table and Schette reads the front page headline above a blurry photo of the pair: “BRUTE’S HIRED BRUTES”. Schette slams the paper down on the table.

“Well, this ain’t good; but you gotta admit, that’s clever.”

Tony Flowers, delivering a stump speech in Houston, TX:

“Mrs. Brute already tried to have this Foster Vincent gentleman murdered nearly two decades ago when the lawyer learned too much about her and her husband’s, the then Governor, illegal real estate and tax dealings. Brute silenced him once and when he finally woke up, she silenced him again. Brute is a thug running her campaign through hired goons. Come November, it’s time to send this bully packing!”

The crowd erupts with applause as Brute campaign manager Kate Kindling shuts off the television.

“Well, this ain’t good.”

That evening Kate is looking on as makeup is applied to Faulk & Schette before their appearance on The Straight Poop with Derrick Derrickson.

“So you know the drill, right? Derrick’s gonna ask you some questions about Foster Vincent. You tell the truth, denying the Brute campaign’s involvement then drop the bombshell about Flowers’ gambling debts to the mob.”

“So lie. Got it,” Schette nods.

“No. What? Don’t lie. No lying.”

“But you did tell us to take out the coma guy,” Faulk points out.

“No, I didn’t,” Kate insists. “I did nothing of the sort.”

“Well, you insinuated it,” Faulk presses.

“First of all, I didn’t know you were violent mobster henchmen when I brought you on staff.”

“Whoa, we don’t like that term ‘henchmen’,” Schette remarks.

“What do you prefer,” Kate sighs through gritted teeth.

“Pain aggregators,” Faulk proposes.

“Italian-American rights activists,” Schette posits.

“We’re on in ten,” the stage manager hollers into the green room.

Faulk & Schette get up to head to the set and Kate looks on worriedly. “So we’re clear on the talking points, right? Deny Brute’s involvement, reveal Flowers mob debts.”

Schette turns back to Kate with a grin, “Eh, I think we’ll just wing it.”

“I’m going to have a coronary,” Kate mumbles to the now empty green room.

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