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Campaign – Chapter 10

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Campaign manager Katrina “Kate” Kindling is striving against all odds to get Senator Marcia Brute into the White House.

Chapter Ten – Intimidation

Fox News correspondent Derrick Derrickson’s smug grin is on the television at Flowers ’16 campaign headquarters as campaign manager Alfred Luntz and staffers look on.

We go now live to Donald O’Brien, head of the American Values Association–“

Speechwriter Roscoe Jones leans over and whispers to Alf, “The AVA. Isn’t that the neo-nazi organization?”

“Shh, shut up,” Alf hushes him.

A pale older man flanked by skinheads appears on screen.

We here at the American Values Association would like today to formally announce our official endorsement of Tony Flowers for President of these United States. Flowers promises to crack down on the dregs of society that are dragging our once great nation into the gutter and we at the AVA hope to help in this, our nation’s Final Solution.”

Alf clicks off the television and tosses the remote across the room. “Well, at least this day can’t possibly get any worse.”

“Hello Joe, whaddya know.”

Alf turns to see the two men of possible Italian persuasion, Ricky Faulk & Harry Schette, who ran into him in Strongsville, OH. The men clap baseball bats into their hands as Alf quickly escorts Faulk & Schette outside, into an alley.

Ricky Faulk shoves his bat in Alf’s face, “Our boss wants his hundred G’s, Jack.”

Harry Schette puffs on a fat stogie. “It ain’t Jack, it’s Alf. Remember? Like the alien?” He points his bat to the sky and shuts his eyes. “RIP.”

Alf frowns at Harry and turns back to Ricky. “Listen, I don’t have that kind of money. My boss doesn’t have that kind of money. I don’t even know what this is all about. Our campaign is practically broke.”

Harry smirks, “How you gonna run a Presidential campaign against the most powerful woman in the world with no money.”

Alf shrugs, “Very carefully, I would imagine. In fact, if you fellas have any tips–“

Ricky Faulk bangs his wooden bat against the brick wall side of the campaign building. “The only tip I got is give our boss his money or we take your legs.”

Alf nods, his hands shaking. “That’s a good tip. I’ll take it under advisement.”

Alf re-enters Flowers HQ, his face ashen and Roscoe approaches him.

“What was all that about? Who were those guys?”

“Nothing. Nobody. Get me a coffee.”

“I’d love to, boss; but I gotta finish this spee–“

Alf gets up in Roscoe’s face, “Get me a coffee or I take your legs.”

Roscoe hustles off toward the break room and Alf mutters to himself, “Wow, that really does work.”

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