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Campaign – Chapter 8

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Campaign manager Katrina “Kate” Kindling is striving against all odds to get Senator Marcia Brute into the White House.

Chapter Eight – Rings

“And you’ve got the speech? The one Roscoe wrote?”

Top of the line speech. Best one I’ve ever read.”

“Don’t forget the moment of silence for the mass shooting,” campaign manager Alfred Luntz reminds his Presidential candidate.

Which one,” Republican nominee Tony Flowers presses. “The Milwaukee one or the San Diego one?”

“Just knock ’em both out in one.”

Tell me again why you aren’t here, Alfred.

Alf Luntz is on his cellphone while browsing a jewelry store in Nashua, NH down the road from a small college where Tony Flowers will be delivering a campaign speech shortly.

“I told you sir, I’m buying an engagement ring for Emily.”

Fantastic. Marriage is a wonderful institution. Between a man and a woman, of course. And have I met this Emily?”

“She’s on your staff, sir. She’s most likely in the room with you now.”

Ah yes, the short squat Hispanic woman lifting a bag of garbage into her cart. Absolutely stunning. For an ethnic.”

“Sounds like you’re describing a janitor, sir. Emily is tall, lithe, blonde.” Alf points at a good-sized diamond ring in the display case and nods as the jeweler pulls it out. “Sir? You still there?”

You’re…marrying her?”

“Yes, sir. If she says yes, of course.”

Little young for you, Alfie.

“She’s worldly.”

And wealthy, I’m assuming.”

“How’s that, sir?”

Please, Alfred. I know new money when I see it. Hell, I am new money. Yup, she’s got nouveau riche stink all over her.”

“Well, her mother does run a bit of an adult film empire out of Van Nuys. Maybe you heard of it.”

Tony Flowers quickly closes the browser on his laptop and shuts it, glancing around the makeshift dressing room. “Vaguely familiar. That’s the site with the three T’s & three S’s, right? What’s up with that.”

“Emily’s mother Cum–“


“She legally changed her name to Cum Foxxx. Unfortunate, I know. But she got it in her head that any word with three consecutive letters in it was sexy, not just X’s.”

Frankly if a young woman isn’t being tortured to the brink of death, it ain’t the porno for me.”

“Sir, we need to go over again what you should and shouldn’t say in a phone conversation.”

That’s my queue, I’m on. Wish me luck, Alfred.”

“Good luck, sir–“

Here’s Emily.”

“No sir, I specifically asked you not–“

Hey, Alfie,” Emily coos.


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