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Campaign – Chapter 6

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Campaign manager Katrina “Kate” Kindling is striving against all odds to get Senator Marcia Brute into the White House.

Chapter Six – Venice

Katrina Kindling and her fiancee Fox News pundit Derrick Derrickson are being seated at The Venetian, the only Michelin star restaurant in Washington DC when a hand shoots out of a nearby booth and grabs Kate’s wrist.


She looks down and rolls her eyes at the sight of her ex-husband Alf Luntz seated across from his new (twenty years his younger) girlfriend, Emily Foxxx.

“Alfred, what a delight.”

“Hi Kate,” Emily gleefully kicks her legs under the table.


“Why don’t you join us,” Alf invites.

“Oh, I don’–“

“That sounds like a lovely idea,” Derrick interrupts. He tucks in next to Emily who over-smiles and brushes her shoulder against his while Kate reluctantly scoots in next to her ex.

“I gotta say,” Derrick beams. “What you have been doing for the Flowers campaign has been top-notch stuff, Alfred. Top notch stuff.”

“Oh gee, thanks Derrick. That’s kind of you. We’re just trying our best.”

Kate scoffs. “Race-baiting and fear-mongering. Real top notch stuff, Alf.”

“Please honey,” Derrick implores. “No politics talk at dinner.”

“But you jus–“

Alf holds up Kate’s hand, staring at the gigantic engagement ring before smiling at Derrick. “So you finally managed to tame this shrew, eh?”

Kate smiles fakely, a skill she’s mastered after years of DC dinners. “Oh, look at my ex-husband pretending he’s read a book.”

“Isn’t that a play?” Derrick chirps.

“Shut the fuck up, Derrick.” Kate & Alf spit back simultaneously.

“So you’re on TV?” Emily asks, tracing a finger around her empty plate.

“Yes, I have a program on Fox News. The Straight Poop with Derrick Derrickson.”

Emily leans forward exposing her cleavage and places a hand on Derrick’s lap. “Oh my god, I love TV.”

Kate fades out of the conversation, allowing the background Italian elevator music to float to the front of her brain, when her phone interrupts her mini-vacation.


Kate, Foster Vincent woke up,” Brute campaign staffer Hattie Bloob blurts out on the other end of the line.

“Who’s this now?”

Foster Vincent? The deputy counsel? Been in a coma for twenty years?”

Kate doesn’t respond.

The guy conspiracy websites think Sen. Brute attempted to have murdered.”

Kate drops her breadstick. “Oh, flub.”

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