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Campaign – Chapter 4

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Campaign manager Katrina “Kate” Kindling is striving against all odds to get Senator Marcia Brute into the White House.

Chapter Four – All You Can Eat

Katrina Kindling, campaign manager to Democratic Presidential nominee Sen. Marcia Brute, is smoking outside Wünderbar, a German family-style buffet in Strongsville, OH, on the phone with Fox News pundit Derrick Derrickson.

“Kate, I have an important question to ask.”

“The Senator had nothing to do with that murder. When will you peop–“

“Will you marry me?”

“What? No. What? No! …..what??”

“It’s just, we’ve been seeing each other for a while now..”

“Four dates over three months. No, man. Jesus. I gotta go, Derrick.”

“Okay but before you hang up, have you seen the report that Sen. Brute knew about the dead bod–“

Kate hangs up, butts out her cigarette and enters the buffet, packed wall to wall with media flashbulbs and campaign staff for Republican Presidential nominee Tony Flowers, as he delivers remarks to sausage-scarfing patrons.

“We’re gonna smoke those terrorists out of their holes!” Flowers shouts, to tepid applause. “We’re gonna dip our bullets in pigs blood and shoot those Muslims in the head!”

“Dude, I’m eating!” somebody hollers from the back.

Kate spies her ex-husband and new Flowers campaign manager Alfred “Alf” Luntz leaning against the back wall, speaking closely with a young female staffer. Kate marches briskly toward them, only hesitating when Emily Foxxx kisses Alfred softly on the neck.

Alf looks up and his grin drops. “Kate. What are you–“

“I’m getting married.”

Tony Flowers, the real estate tycoon-turned Washington outsider Presidential hopeful is standing on his seat in a booth in the center of the Wünderbar, still hollering. “These Mexicans think they can come in here and take our jobs!”

A Mexican busboy clears Flowers’ table with a scowl.

Kate & Alf are in a back booth, sitting across from each other.

“Married, huh?” Alf raises his eyebrows. “To who?”

Kate tunks her cigarette pack against the table. “It’s none of your business and frankly in all of the excitement, I cannot recall his name at the moment.”

Alf smiles.

“Alf, what happened to our deal.”

“What deal?”

“Never run campaigns against each other.”

“I thought that was just while we were married.”


“Look Kate, I need the money. Things haven’t been going too good.”

Kate nods in the direction of Emily Foxxx flirting with the overwhelmed Mexican busboy. “Looks like the love life’s alright.”

“Emily works for the campaign, nosey.”

“I noticed ‘Foxxx’ on her ID lanyard. Three x’s?”

“Her mother was an adult film star. Legally changed the name. Didn’t understand the whole stage name concept. Look, I’m sorry about all this. Flowers needed a new campaign manager after the last one turned out to be so racist and I needed a gig. How about we agree no personal attacks?”

“That’s a start…prick.”

Alf frowns.

Two men of possibly Italian heritage approach the booth.

“You Flowers’ money man?”

Alf looks up. “I’m his campaign manager.”

“Our boss wants his hundred G’s.”

“I beg your pardon?”

Kate grabs her purse and cigarettes and stands up with a smile. “Gotta go. Good luck, Alf.”

“Alf,” one of the henchmen Harry Schette scoffs. “Like the alien?”

The other henchmen, Ricky Faulk, guffaws. “Eat any good cats lately there, Alf?”

Alf Luntz glowers into his place mat, quietly murmuring, “No.”

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