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Campaign – Chapter 3

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Campaign manager Katrina “Kate” Kindling is striving against all odds to get Senator Marcia Brute into the White House.

Chapter Three – Foot In Mouth

Emily Foxxx & Roscoe Jones, staffers for Republican Presidential nominee Anthony “Tony” Flowers are speeding toward a campaign stop in San Luis Obispo, Roscoe putting the finishing touches on Flowers’ speech on his laptop while Emily weaves through traffic on the 101.

 “You missed our staff meeting yesterday. I had to tell Alf you were at the chiropodist.”

“The hell’s a chiropodist?” Roscoe doesn’t glance up from his laptop.

“Foot doctor, so walk with a limp in case he asks any questions.”

“You call our boss ‘Alf’ now?”

“That’s his name.”

“He’s our boss.”

“He’s my mentor. And I’m his protege.”

“That all you are?”

“Roscoe, you know I only have eyes for you.”

“Well old Alfie’s got eyes too, ya know.”

“And he’s gonna see right through your lies with them if you keep this up.”

“What lies? I ain’t lyin, I’m standin.”

“You’re sitting. And we both know you weren’t at the chiropodist yesterday–“

“You just like sayin’ ‘chiropodist’.”

“–so where were you.”

“I was at the cleaners. Doin’ laundry.”

Emily shakes her head as she cuts off a Hummer. “You were gambling again. How much this time?”

“100 G’s on the Giants.”

Emily takes her eyes off the road. “Roscoe, you don’t have $100,000.”

“And now I really don’t. Relax, kid. I put it on Tony’s account.”

“Tony? Our Tony? The Republican nominee for President of the United States of America?”

“He’s a real estate tycoon. It’s a drop in the bucket for him.”

Emily shakes her head and puts her eyes back on the road as she returns the rental car back onto the freeway from the breakdown lane she’d been barreling down. “Oh, why can’t you behave?”

Roscoe grins. “That’s what you love about me, kid.” His hand rests on the keyboard as the screen quickly fills with hundreds of repeating D’s.

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