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Campaign – Chapter 2

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Campaign manager Katrina “Kate” Kindling is striving against all odds to get Senator Marcia Brute into the White House.

Chapter Two – Another Campaign, Another Race

“Now the question is, did Senator Brute know that the Nebraskan farmer she participated in this photo-op with, you can see the picture on the screen there, had murdered his wife mere hours earlier.” Fox News correspondent Derrick Derrickson grins smugly. “Was she perhaps involved with the murder herself? What other bodies has Sen. Brute buri–“

“Ugh, enough politics talk,” Brute campaign staffer Hattie Bloob clicks off the television in the busy DC Brute campaign office.

Riley Shafft spins in his swivel chair to face his fellow twenty-something campaign staffer. “Hattie, our entire job is literally politics talk.”

“Exactly. And we talk about it eight hours a day at work.”

“We’re at work right now.”

“Probably why you’re in such a bad mood.” Hattie grabs her purse. “Happy hour?”

“It is eleven in the morning.”

Hattie stands up, slinging her purse over her shoulder. “Technically, that’s an hour. And you don’t seem that happy.”

Riley sighs and follows Bloob out the door.

Hattie twirls the tiny umbrella around her tropical drink, sitting at the bar at O’HoolMcGintie’s, a local DC pub; while Riley peruses the scant menu.

“What’s in the Pub Sandwich?”

“Meat & bread,” the gruff old bartender grunts.

“That’s fine, I guess.”

“You know, I used to be so gung-ho for this job,” Hattie slurs.

“Wonder what kind of meat,” Riley muses.

“Eight years ago, I was still in high school. I couldn’t even vote yet. But I was happy to volunteer for Sen. Brute. A female President! Imagine that!”

“I’d ask the bartender what kind of meat, but he seems busy.”

The bartender is chasing a mouse with a hammer at the far end of the bar.

“But now here I am eight years later, eight years older, outta college and livin’ in DC. I’ve seen the ugly side of this business. Brute is just as bad, just as corrupt as every other scumbag politician in this town.”

“It’s just, some meats don’t necessarily agree with me.”

“What’s the point in being the first female President if you’re gonna win ugly.”

The bartender slams a plate down in front of Riley and he lifts the bread. “What is this, horse?”

The bartender’s eyes narrow. “You with the FDA? Legally, you gotta tell me if you is.”

Riley frowns. “No, I don’t.”

“I don’t even know if I wanna vote for Brute, at this point. Maybe I’ll just vote for Flowers. He is an outsider, after all.”

Riley chews warily. “This tastes like horse.”

The bartender rolls his eyes. “Friggin’ Anthony Bourdain over here.”

Hattie’s phone vibrates and she fumbles it out of her purse, nearly dropping it several times before opening the text and gasping/burping.

Riley turns to her as he chokes down another bite. “What?”

“Flowers just hired Alf Luntz as his new campaign manager.”

Riley blinks blankly.

Hattie stares at him, expecting cognition before continuing. “Katrina Kindling’s ex-husband.”

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