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Wrecked – Chapter 2

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 03/04/2016


Sgt. Dewey Beverage & suspected Taliban soldier Akhbar Ali have washed up on a deserted island.

Chapter Two – Damage

Sgt. Dewey Beverage & suspected Taliban soldier Akhbar Ali have been trudging along the beach for hours as the sun begins to set over the blue ocean waves.

“I believe it is an appropriate time to begin searching for a location to spend the evening,” Akhbar remarks.

“Just a little further,” Dewey mutters. “We’re bound to find something.”

“And what exactly are we looking for, Sgt.?”

Dewey spins around and gets in Akhbar’s face. “You are an enemy combatant and a prisoner! You don’t ask the questions! I ask the questions!”

Akhbar’s lids hang heavy over his eyes, unimpressed with the American soldier’s theatrics, as he calmly responds, “Do you have any questions, Sgt.?”

Dewey’s eyes scan Akhbar wildly. “Not at this time! No!”

Akhbar Ali is leaning against the counter in a rural Pakistani cafe as Jerrah Noor pours his coffee. “And what is the most beautiful woman in Ogra doing this evening.”

Jerrah smiles and blushes. “Cooking dinner for my father, grandmother & nieces.”

Akhbar sips his coffee. “When will you cook dinner for a humble merchant?”

“You’re the one with your own kebab cart, Mr. Ali. You should be cooking dinner for me.”

“As you wish, my liege.”

Akhbar bows deeply. Jerrah’s giggle is cut short as the cafe quietly empties onto the street.

“Akhbar Ali!”

Akhbar turns around to find himself surrounded by a half-dozen United States soldiers. “Yes?”

“You need to come with us.”

As Akhbar is being led outside, he spots Jerrah’s brother Khaled leaning against the nearby grocery store, smiling.

Sgt. Dewey Beverage & Akhbar Ali are huddling under a palm tree up the beach where the canopy of jungle meets the sand, shielding themselves from a sudden torrential downpour.

Dewey shoves Akhbar into the dirt. “Get your own damn tree!”

Akhbar begins to trudge to the next tree over when both men are frozen by a long sorrowful howl from deep in the island’s jungle. Akhbar hustles back & sits down next to Dewey, as both men shiver with their knees tucked under their chins, eyes open wide.

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