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Kicky the Football’s Football Is Fun! – Super Bowl 50

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 02/05/2016

KickyKicky the Football is every child’s favorite animated football. Kicky the Football teaches kids that football is fun!

Super Bowl 50

Well howdy kids, it’s me Kicky!

The Big Game is finally here and Kicky couldn’t be more excited! A prostitution sting operation, a random drug testing failure and allegations of spousal abuse couldn’t keep Kicky the Football from enjoying the big day! Kicky might have serious psychological damage, children!

The Panthers & Broncos have fought through various adversities to get to this moment. They have possibly experienced life altering damage* to their bodies and their minds (NFL EDITORS NOTE: *allegedly) just for a chance to hoist that famous Lombardi Trophy, a moment they may not remember in their later years if they’re fortunate enough to have them! We all die some day children, some of us earlier and more painfully than others! But at least they’re rich!

This week’s football term is victory formation. When the game is out of reach, which this one most likely will be for Denver somewhere around the early second quarter, the quarterback will kneel after the snap in order to run out the clock as much as possible to preserve the lead. The quarterback kneel is the safest play in football. Very low impact. Kicky wonders why offenses don’t employ it more often. Save that noggin!

Until next season this is Kicky the Football reminding you children that life is fleeting and football is fun!

Panthers (-5.5) over Broncos

FINAL SCORE: Panthers 42 Broncos 13

SUPER BOWL MVP: Jonathan Stewart (16att, 118yds, 2rec, 24yds, 4TD)

Last Week: 0-2

Best Week: 11-3-2 (Week 15)

Season: 124-130-12 (.489)

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  1. Jane said, on 05/14/2017 at 4:12 am

    It’s great to find soemnoe so on the ball

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