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Kicky the Football’s Football Is Fun! – Divisional Round

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 01/15/2016

KickyKicky the Football is every child’s favorite animated football. Kicky the Football teaches kids that football is fun!

Divisional Round

Well howdy there, kids! Happy Playoffs Season! A bunch of coaches lost their jobs last week and they have to move their families to different cities and question their own livelihoods! Football is fun!

‘Ol Kicky couldn’t be a football coach. Always worrying that  your next game could be your last. Everyone in your city hollering for your head at the slightest hiccup. Plus, Kicky’s a football and all Kicky’s players would be trying to kick Kicky in the head. Yowch!

This week’s football term is Center. The center is the most important player on the field. Without the center hiking, nobody would ever be able to play football! The best center still alive in the playoffs is Carolina’s Ryan Kalil. Without Ryan hiking that football and blocking, Cam Newton wouldn’t be able to score any touchdowns and dance, enraging the unsubtley racist Conservative right wing whites at the core of the NFL’s fanbase! Plus sometimes the quarterback touches the center’s butt by accident!

That’s all for this week, kids! Enjoy the games. And remember, if a player gets injured and carted off the field in an ambulance, he’s just jokin around! Pain is nothing more than a cognitive concept! Kicky is immortal! And football is fun!

Patriots (-4.5) over Chiefs

Cardinals (-7) over Packers

Seahawks (+1) over Panthers

Steelers (+7) over Broncos

Last Week: 1-3

Best Week: 11-3-2 (Week 15)

Season: 123-126-11 (.494)

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