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Kicky the Football’s Football Is Fun! – Wild Card Round

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 01/08/2016

KickyKicky the Football is every child’s favorite animated football. Kicky the Football teaches kids that football is fun!

Wild Card Round

Well howdy, kids! Kicky the Football here to teach y’all about the footballs with the kicking and the punting!

The playoffs are in full swing and everyone’s got football fever! Kicky the Football has been having hot liquid bowel movements for days! Football fever dreams keep Kicky awake at night! Kicky is cloaked in fear!

This week’s football term is “Marty Ball”. Marty Schottenheimer’s Chiefs of the 90’s were a defensive powerhouse. At times, offense was almost an afterthought. When it was needed, the run game was king. 1st down? Run. 2nd down? Run! 3rd down? Sigh, pass I guess. Andy Reid’s Chiefs are a heavy-running team as well. Maybe not Marty Ball heavy, but these fellas haven’t had a wide receiver catch a touchdown since the Carter Administration. Mike McCarthy, a former Marty protege, plays a lil Marty Ball from time to time, too; especially since Aaron Rodgers is distracted by his movie star girlfriend! Don’t date outside your class, kids! With all the shitcannings (whoops, sorry kids, shootcannings) this year, Marty Ball might be making a comeback in 2016. He’s only 72 years young!

Until next time, kids, this is Kicky the Football reminding you: Football is fun!

Texans (+3) over Chiefs

Steelers (-3) over Bengals

Vikings (+5) over Seahawks

Washington (+1) over Packers

Last Week: 8-8

Best Week: 11-3-2 (Week 15)

Season: 122-123-11 (.498)

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