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Imaginary Friends – Chapter 7

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 01/02/2016


Ten-year-old Paige Holley has made a new imaginary friend. A talking cricket named Chuck.

Chapter Seven – Dilemma

“Kid. Hey, kid.”

Ten-year-old Paige Holley, groggy from her increased dosage of anti-psychotic medication, opens her bleary eyes to a talking cricket snapping his fingers at her. Paige barely acknowledges Chuck before falling back asleep. Chuck sighs and lights a mini cigarette.

Det. Ricky Faulk finds his partner Det. Harry Schette sitting at a microfiche viewer in the back of the public library on an unseasonably warm winter morning.

“Harry, lets go. We got a suspicious fire at an office building on the other side of town.”

“Listen to this, Rick: ‘Charles Smith, age unknown. Place of origin unknown. Passed away on Friday night in a single automobile accident. He is survived by no one and was interred at Daffodil Valley Cemetery.'”

Ricky shrugs. “So what. So a stranger died two towns over years ago.”

“Months later Jeffrey Sullivan murders his parents and his babysitter goes missing, presumed dead; claiming a stranger named Chuck perpetrated the crimes. This Charles Smith guy is Chuck!”

“Enough with the undead talking cricket, Harry. We’ve got real crimes to work on.”

“I’m heading to Daffodil Valley. See if anybody ever visits Smith’s grave.”

Ricky watches his partner rush off and mutters. “Am I the only one in this town who hasn’t lost his goddamn mind.”

That afternoon, Mrs. Holley answers the phone only to hear her daughter’s voice.


“Paige? I thought you were resting. Are you calling from upstairs?”

Mr. Holley heads upstairs to check the empty bedroom.

No mom, I’m with Chuck.”

Mr. Holley returns downstairs shaking his head.

“Now that’s enough of that. Where are you?”

I’m in some sort of basement. Tied to a chair.”

Mr. Holley sets the phone down and puts it on speaker. “Enough, young lady. You come home this instant.”

Paige’s voice wavers on the line. “Chuck says if you correctly predict whether he’s going to return me to you or not, he’ll return me.”

Mr. & Mrs. Holley exchange a concerned look as Mr. Holley dials the police on his cell.

Chuck also wants you to pick up some tiny cigarettes, he’s almost out,” Paige adds.

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