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Kicky the Football’s Football Is Fun! – Week 17

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 01/01/2016

KickyKicky the Football is every child’s favorite animated football. Kicky the Football teaches kids that football is fun!

Week Seventeen

Well howdy, kids! I’m Kicky the Football and I’m here to teach all you good girls and boys (but mostly the boys) that football is fun!

Your mommy and daddy might have told you that football is dangerous and scary and you can hurt your noggin. But I get kicked in the head every day and I feel Finland!

Your mommy and daddy might have also told you that that football man on the TV is in handcuffs because he hit a lady. It is never alright to hit a lady and any boy who does hit a lady has to face the consequences. Unless that boy’s football team has a big divisional round matchup next week! Ah-hyuck!

But enough about all that off-the-field nonsense. Kicky the football wants to teach you kids how football is fun!

This week’s Football Term is “The 7 Box“. Now you kids might be asking Kicky, “Kicky, what the hay’s a 7 Box? That a box you put seven things in? Or that box from the movie with the lady’s head in it?” You kids are silly! The 7 Box, or 7-2-2 Defense is a defensive formation in which the coach puts seven defensive linemen up front, accompanied by two linebackers behind them and two defensive backs behind them. Made famous by Knute Rockne, an Irishman who died in a grisly plane accident, the formation has rarely been used since the invention of the forward pass; but I wouldn’t put it past that kooky technician Billy Belichick to pull it out of his rear end in the playoffs and throw his opponents for a loop!

This is Kicky the Football signing off. And remember kids: Football is fun!

Jets (-1) over Bills

Dolphins (+11.5) over Patriots

Falcons (-7) over Saints

Bengals (-10) over Ravens

Steelers (-11.5) over Browns

Texans (-7) over Jaguars

Colts (E) over Titans

Cowboys (-4) over Washington

Giants (-3) over Eagles

Lions (E) over Bears

Panthers (-11.5) over Buccaneers

Raiders (+7.5) over Chiefs

Broncos (-10) over Chargers

Seahawks (+7) over Cardinals

Rams (-3) over 49ers

Packers (-3) over Vikings


Last Week: 6-9-1

Best Week: 11-3-2 (Week 15)

Season: 114-115-11 (.498)

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