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Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Gambling Is Illegal – Week 15

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 12/17/2015

Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would like to remind you that gambling is illegal.

Week Fifteen

It has been brought to Commissioner Roger Goodell’s attention that ‘Tis the season’.

Can’t think of something to purchase for your loved one this season of holiday givings? Why not purchase a product at the National Football League’s online website shop. You can purchase a football jersey or a football cap or a football pants or even a football football. The National Football League online website shop has many items that might intrigue and amaze the loved one in your football life. Even women are welcome. The National Football League sells pink things, in order to bring awareness to a disease that Commissioner Roger Goodell cannot recall at this particular month in time.

The National Football League online website shop. Now that’s what Commissioner Roger Goodell calls Capitalism.


Rams (-2.5) over Buccaneers

Jets (-3) over Cowboys

Vikings (-5.5) over Bears

Falcons (+3) over Jaguars

Texans (E) over Colts

Panthers (-5) over Giants

Patriots (-15.5) over Titans

Bills (E) over Washington

Chiefs (-7.5) over Ravens

Seahawks (-16) over Browns

Packers (-3) over Raiders

Broncos (+7) over Steelers

Dolphins (+1) over Chargers

Bengals (-4.5) over 49ers

Cardinals (-3.5) over Eagles

Lions (+3) over Saints

Last Week: 8-8

Best Week: 10-4 (Week 7)

Season: 97-103-8 (.486)

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