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Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Gambling Is Illegal – Week 11

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 11/19/2015

Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would like to remind you that gambling is illegal.

Week Eleven

Commissioner Roger Goodell would like to come out publicly as stating that no Syrian refugees will be accepted onto any active National Football League team rosters.

This may be a controversial position, but it is simply far too late in the season for an acquisition of such nature. Perhaps if a Syrian refugee wants to take a spot on a practice squad roster, that can be worked out (after rigorous security clearances, of course; i.e. ask them if they’re Christian). But at this point in the season, to introduce a Syrian refugee onto an active NFL roster would be a treacherous mistake. A football team could be bringing a potential locker room cancer into their environment, an unwanted distraction. And unwanted distractions are not in the National Football League’s best interests.

Commissioner Roger Goodell says keep Syrian refugees off NFL rosters and out of America.


Jaguars (-2.5) over Titans

Raiders (E) over Lions

Colts (+5.5) over Falcons

Jets (E) over Texans

Eagles (-6) over Buccaneers

Broncos (E) over Bears

Rams (+3) over Ravens

Dolphins (E) over Cowboys

Panthers (-8.5) over Washington

Chiefs (-3) over Chargers

Vikings (E) over Packers

Seahawks (-13.5) over 49ers

Bengals (+5) over Cardinals

Patriots (-7.5) over Bills

Last Week: 5-9

Best Week: 10-4 (Week 7)

Season: 67-72-7 (.489)

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