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Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Gambling Is Illegal – Week 2

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 09/17/2015

Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would like to remind you that gambling is illegal.

Week Two

It has come to Commissioner Roger Goodell’s attention that many publications and sportscasters are refusing to say the Washington football team’s nickname “Redskins” because of political/societal reasons. While Commissioner Goodell appreciates the views of others, the National Football League is a business. Therefore this Gambling Is Illegal column will attempt to say Redskins as many times as possible to even out all the outlets that are not saying Redskins. Redskins.

The Washington Redskins are a professional American football team that has gone by Redskins since their early days in the 1930’s when the Redskins were located in Boston, a city known for its tolerance of other peoples. In 1937, the Redskins moved to the Washington D.C. metropolitan area where they have been known as the Washington Redskins ever since. Redskins. Redskins Redskins Redskins.

The Redskins play in the NFC East, a division of the National Football Conference consisting of the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and the Washington Redskins, aka The Skins, short for Redskins. The Redskins field a football team of football players who have the phrase “Redskins” on their uniforms (because they play for the professional football franchise known colloquially as “the Washington Redskins”). The Redskins usually play approximately sixteen games per season, normally against one opponent per game. The Redskins play football with an oblong ball made of the hide of the swine, known as a “football”. In Europe it is known as a soccer ball. The football is used by the Redskins with the intent of scoring a touchdown by passing over the goal line into an end zone with “REDSKINS” painted on it.

Redskins Redskins Redskins. Redskins, Redskins Redskins. Redskins? Redskins Redskins Redskins, Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins. Redskins!

R                         E                            D                         S                         K                         I                           N                      S


It is football time. Excelsior.

Chiefs (-3) over Broncos

Panthers (-3) over Texans

Steelers (-6) over 49ers

Saints (-11) over Buccaneers

Vikings (-2.5) over Lions

Cardinals (-2) over Bears

Patriots (E) over Bills

Bengals (-3) over Chargers

Browns (E) over Titans

Falcons (+2.5) over Giants

Rams (-3.5) over Washington

Dolphins (-7) over Jaguars

Ravens (-7) over Raiders

Cowboys (+5) over Eagles

Seahawks (+3.5) over Packers

Colts (-7) over Jets

Last Week: 4-11-1

Last Season: 140-122-5 (.534)

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