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Time Out – Chapter 7

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Rebecca Bruzzi is fresh out of law school and looking to start a career. Unfortunately it involves defending her mob boss father.

Chapter Seven – Time In

The loud clang of iron bars echoes down the hall as Rebecca Bruzzi sits down across from her newly-imprisoned mob boss father.

“How are things?”

Frank shrugs. “Grilled cheese for lunch.”

“Dad, I’m sorry I lost that case. Maybe I’m just not a very good lawyer after all.”

“Bullshit. Becky, I’ve watched you grow into a brilliant, confidant, successful, beautiful woman. Despite me. If anything, I’ve held you back. Maybe now with me in here out of your hair, you’ll be able to go your own way. Ford your own path. Just never forget where you come from. Who you are. You’re a Bruzzi. And Bruzzis don’t take shit from nobody, nowhere, nohow.”

“Who’s going to take over the family business?”

Frank leans back in his seat, rubbing his gut. “I dunno. Johnnie ain’t fit to lead. He’s got heart, but he ain’t got the brains. Mario’s too green. Nobody else really stands out.”

“Are you thinking of bringing in an outsider? Somebody from New York maybe?”

Frank slams his fist on the metal table and one of the guards takes a step forward. “You don’t mow another man’s lawn!”

“Alright already, jeez.”

“No, there’s really only one person I could see takin’ over the business and givin’ our family a remote chance at a future.”

Rebecca stares out the barred window at a brown field of dead grass as a gray storm cloud forms on the horizon.

Eugene Meadowlark is driving his girlfriend into rural New Jersey, toward the Lawrenceburg Bruzzi estate.

“So, is Kathy getting the house?”

“After putting my father in prison? She’s long gone. Probably fled south with whatever she could fit in the Mercedes.”

“I’m just glad this is the last time we’re headed out here. Just collect your things and never look back. Bye bye Bruzzis.”

“I know you don’t agree with my father’s way of life and you and him have never gotten along; but when you insult my family, you’re insulting me.”

“I’m sorry, babe. You know I love you. But I’m not engaged to be engaged to your name, I’m engaged to be engaged to you.”

“I love you too, Genie. I’m just going to take care of some of my father’s affairs here and we’ll head straight home.”

Eugene smiles as they pull into the mafia compound. “I’mma hold you to that.”

Bruzzi family capos Johnnie Bruzzi and Mario Baldacci greet Rebecca and Eugene at the door.

Johnnie tearfully embraces his niece. “He’s gone, Becky!”

Rebecca pats him on the back and leads them into the living room. “Uncle Johnnie, he’s not dead. The prison’s twenty minutes from here. I saw him this morning.”

“It’s a travesty, Beck,” Mario shakes his head.

Johnnie motions Rebecca toward her father’s office. “We got some things to discuss.”

Rebecca nods, hugs Eugene and whispers in his ear. “I’ll be right out. Then we can go.”

Eugene takes a seat at the dining room table and watches as Rebecca sits behind her father’s desk. An older obese Italian man holding his hat kisses Rebecca’s hand as Uncle Johnnie whispers in her ear and Mario shuts the office door.


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    This is an arlicte that makes you think “never thought of that!”

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