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Time Out – Chapter 6

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Rebecca Bruzzi is fresh out of law school and looking to start a career. Unfortunately it involves defending her mob boss father.

Chapter Six – Trial

Judge Edgar Helvig blithely taps out a Beach Boys tune with his gavel, head resting boredly on his fist. “Mr. Rondeaux, you have ten more minutes to produce a witness.”

Prosecutor Tucker Rondeaux sweats profusely, wiping his brow on his $5000 suit. “Your honor, the prosecution has reason to believe the accused has intimidated the witnesses into not appearing today. This just days after I myself was shot at in what the prosecution believes was a fake drive-by, blamed on Mr. Bruzzi’s rivals; but orchestrated by Mr. Bruzzi to eliminate the prosecution. We’d like to request a stay of forty-eight hours to arrange for a new witness.”

Frank Bruzzi leans back in his chair and winks at his daughter and lawyer, Rebecca, who frowns and shakes her head. Frank nods and the smile disappears.

Judge Helvig rolls his eyes. “You have twenty-four hours to produce a witness or the state will have no choice but to dismiss this case.”

“Thank you, your honor.”

Tucker Rondeaux collects his things and rushes out of the courtroom without making eye contact with Rebecca, who turns to her father.

“Frank, did you intimidate those witnesses into not appearing?”

Frank grins and shrugs. “I’m an old man. Who could I possibly intimidate?”

Bruzzi turns around in his seat and flashes a not-so-subtle thumbs up at his brother and head capo, Johnnie Bruzzi as Rebecca sighs and gathers her notes.

That evening Rebecca is having dinner with her boyfriend WJZZ jazz station DJ Eugene Meadowlark and Rebecca’s roommate Alejandra Arenallia and Alejandra’s new boyfriend, New York Giants TE Ricardo Tucker.

“So is papi going to get off,” Alejandra asks through a mouthful of spaghetti.

“You know I’m not allowed to discuss the case, Al.”

Eugene shakes his head, sipping wine. “Everyone knows your father’s going to get off. If the prosecution can’t make a murder charge stick, they’ll never make a racketeering charge stick.”

“At least you’ll win,” Ricardo adds. “All that matters is the win, right?”

Rebecca stirs her soup, staring down at it. “I s’pose.”

“So is this what you’re gonna be now? A mob lawyer for daddy?”

“Let’s talk about something else, Eugene.”

“Do you guys wanna talk about football?” Ricardo offers.

The next morning Judge Helvig bangs his gavel, bringing court into session. “Do you have a witness, prosecutor?”

“We do, your honor.” Tucker Rondeaux smiles at Rebecca, his white teeth gleaming unnaturally. “The prosecution calls Katherine Bruzzi to the stand.”

Rebecca’s stepmother strides confidently past Rebecca & Frank, who sit up simultaneously. Rebecca leans over and whispers to her father. “Does she know anything about the racketeering?”

“She used to keep the books,” Frank croaks. “That’s how I met her, remember?”

“Jesus Christ, dad.”

“But her testimony’s nothin’ unless they’ve got–“

“The prosecution would also like to enter Exhibit F…,” Tucker turns his shining gleam of pearly whites on Frank. “…the books.”

Frank slinks back into his seat. “Ah, crap.”

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