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Time Out – Chapter 5

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Rebecca Bruzzi is fresh out of law school and looking to start a career. Unfortunately it involves defending her mob boss father.

Chapter Five – Anniversary

Eugene Meadowlark is driving his girlfriend Rebecca Bruzzi, Rebecca’s roommate Alejandra Arenallia and her boyfriend New Jersey Devil defenseman Yakov Mertzgov out of Newark and into rural New Jersey, everyone decked out in formal wear.

“Thank you for coming to my father’s anniversary party tonight. I know he’s probably the last guy you wanna see right now.”

“What, the guy who put me in the hospital and gave me this limp, because he doesn’t want his daughter dating a black man? I’m thrilled to see him. I wish him well.”

Alejandra pokes her head in between the couple from the back seat. “Thanks for inviting us, Becca.”

Yakov nods. “Yes. Thank.”

Eugene shakes his head. “I just don’t know how you can defend that man. He’s a bigot and a criminal.”

“And he’s my father. You can’t just turn your back on family.”

“You can, you just choose not to.”

Alejandra puts her hands on Rebecca & Eugene’s shoulders. “Guys, guys. We’re all a little wasted and saying things we don’t mean.”

Eugene glances in the rear-view mirror. “Wasted? I’m driving.”

Rebecca frowns. “Yeah. Al, we just left home.”

Alejandra leans back in her seat and Yakov puts his arm around her. “Well, I’m wasted.”

Kathy Bruzzi, Rebecca’s stepmother, embraces her stepdaughter.

“Congrats on fifteen years, Kathy.”

“Thanks for bailing your father out for this, Becky.”

“Please don’t call me Becky.”

“It would have been so difficult to have an anniversary party without him here.”

“Oh, but I’m sure you would’ve managed.”

Kathy chortles. “You’re a doll.”

Frank Bruzzi removes the stogie from his mouth and punches Eugene’s shoulder. “Hey sorry about the leg, kid. No hard feelings.”

Eugene clenches a fist and bites his lip.

Tucker Rondeaux, teeth gleaming white, beams at Rebecca. “Ms. Bruzzi. I must say, you look ravishing.”

The older man standing next to Tucker nods. “Ms. Bruzzi.”

Rebecca is taken aback. “Mr. Rondeaux. Mr. Periwinkle. What are you doing here?”

Frank puts an arm around Mr. Periwinkle. “Thought I’d invite the boys to a party before this whole trial mess starts.”

Rebecca grabs her father by the elbow and drags him into the coat room. “Frank, what is the prosecution doing in your living room?”

“I thought I’d sit em down and we could hammer out a deal that would be, uh, beneficial to both sides.”

“So you don’t trust me to handle this on my own, is that it?”

“No, that’s not–“

“You’ve been ‘helping’ me every step of the way since I was a little girl. That ends now. I’m going to win this case. By myself. Without your hel–“

Shots ring out, glass shatters and screams echo from the living room. Frank & Rebecca race in to find Tucker Rondeaux splayed on the ground, bleeding from his gut, the living room bay window smashed in.

Johnnie Bruzzi, Frank’s brother, sprints inside with an AK at his side. “Drive-by, Frank. I didn’t get a good look at the car.”

Mario Baldacci, one of Frank’s soldiers, joins the Bruzzis as Rebecca and Mr. Periwinkle kneel over Tucker, trying to stem the bleeding. “Who you think it was, boss? The Gambinos? The DiGiornos?”

Frank shoves the stogie back in his mouth. “Call an ambulance for the lawyer.”

As he’s being loaded into the ambulance, Tucker regains consciousness and turns to Mr. Periwinkle. “It was a set-up. Bruzzi’s trying to take out the prosecution.”

Rebecca scoffs. “My father would never do that.”

She glances nervously back at her father standing on the top step, happily puffing a cigar.

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