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Time Out – Chapter 4

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Rebecca Bruzzi is fresh out of law school and looking to start a career. Unfortunately it involves defending her mob boss father.

Chapter Four – Depositions

Cleft & Periwinkle junior partner and prosecuting attorney Tucker Rondeaux presses record on the camera and slides a glass of water across the table to Det. James Faulk. “Tell us about the Chester Hope murder.”

“Det. Schette & I came across the victim late on the evening of September 6th, 2014.”

Tucker nodding, jotting down notes. “What were you and your partner doing all the way out in the wetlands that late at night?”

Det. Faulk’s eyes dance across the room. “Anonymous tip.”

“We were burying a dog.”

“A dog?”

“Dead dog.”

Det. Harry Schette is sitting at the kitchen table of Rebecca Bruzzi’s Newark apartment, smoking a cigarette. Rebecca stops the tape for a moment.

“This isn’t what it says in the police report.”

“Yeah, well Jimmy thought it would reflect poorly on us if he said we were burying some family’s dog. His name was Rusty. You see Ms. Bruzzi, Jimmy Faulk is a liar. A lying liar who lies.”

Rebecca clicks the camera back on as her roommate Alejandra Arenallia enters the kitchen in a bra and thong. She bends over, leaning into the fridge and Det. Schette leans sideways for a better look as Rebecca drapes Alejandra’s silk bathrobe over her back.

“Can I get a beer, babe?”

“Sure, papi.”

Alejandra tosses a can, but Rebecca intercepts and places it back in the fridge. Alejandra shrugs and heads back to her room with a bag of frozen peas pressed against her hungover forehead.

“Alcohol will make your deposition inadmissible in court, Detective.”

Det. Schette butts out his cigarette and lights another. “Oh, you’re good. Your roommate seeing anybody?”

“One of the New Jersey Devils. Russian guy. Can we focus?”

“I’m gonna level with ya, Bruzzi. Your dad’s a bad guy, but the prosecution’s not gonna get him on murder charges.”

“Well, that’s…good, I guess.”

“Now how about that beer.”

“What? No.”

Tucker Rondeaux continues his deposition of Det. Faulk. “Now when did you first connect the murder to Frank Bruzzi.”

“I want to be clear: I never said that. I said someone in Bruzzi’s crew. Frank Bruzzi never pulls the trigger himself.”

“Well that’s…less than ideal.”

“I can lie on the stand, if you want.”

Tucker clicks off the camera and leans closer. “Det. Faulk, you just volunteered to perjure yourself on tape.”

Det. Faulk nods. “So, do you need a signed affidavit instead, or..?”

Det. Schette hands a card to Alejandra as he exits, holding a to-go beer. “Gimme a call if hockey boy ends up getting suddenly deported.”

Alejandra smiles and Harry Schette winks at Rebecca as he cracks his beer and slams the door. Rebecca’s cell rings and she answers only to find Tucker Rondeaux on the other end.

“Ms. Bruzzi, the state is going to make a deal with you and drop the murder charges.”

Rebecca smiles. “Oh, Mr. Rondeaux. How kind.”

“Yeah, instead we’re thinking of focusing on the racketeering. Charges like that can put a man behind bars for up to twenty-five years. That would put your old man around…ninety when he gets out? We’ll be in touch.”

Rebecca sets her phone down as Alejandra picks up the video camera and heads toward her bedroom, turning over the detective’s card in her other hand.

Rebecca sighs. “Al, please don’t masturbate to my deposition tape.”

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