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Time Out – Chapter 3

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Rebecca Bruzzi is fresh out of law school and looking to start a career. Rebecca’s mob boss father hopes that career is as the family lawyer.

Chapter Three – Decisions

Rebecca Bruzzi is at her boyfriend Eugene Meadowlark’s bedside, his leg in a cast, when Tucker Rondeaux enters the hospital room.

“Mr. Rondeaux, what are you doing here?”

“Who this white boy?” Eugene slurs painkillerly.

“Ms. Bruzzi, when you didn’t show up for depositions this morning I placed a call to your roommate and she directed me here.”

“You a handsome lawyer. Almost too handsome,” Eugene mumbles.

“Mr. Meadowlark, I took the liberty of looking at your police report down at the station. Through a security camera outside the radio station, officers believe they have identified the assailant. One Johnnie Bruzzi. Ms. Bruzzi, I believe you’re more familiar with him as ‘Uncle Johnnie’.”

Rebecca picks up her purse and rushes for the door. “If you’ll excuse me, gentlemen.”

Rebecca steers her boyfriend’s car onto the lawn of her father’s Lawrenceburg, NJ estate and hurtles toward the front steps where her uncle Johnnie is enjoying a smoke. Rebecca knocks the cigarette out of his hand and socks him in the nose. Johnnie stumbles backwards onto the steps as Rebecca’s father opens the front door.

“Ohh, madone!”

Rebecca hurls herself over her uncle and lunges for her father, laying into him, his rotund weight absorbing the punches. Frank finally grabs a hold of his daughter’s wrists and she collapses to her knees, shrieking “How could you!”

“Becky, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t call me Becky.”

“I only want what’s best for you.”

“Maybe what’s best for me is you behind bars.”

“What the hell is that s’posed to mean. Look, all Johnnie did was crack a kneecap. Send a little message.”

Johnnie picks himself up, dusts himself off, pats his cigarette carton and pulls out a fresh one. “Sorry, kid. No hard feelings.”

“You’re not gonna scare Eugene away that easy, Dad.”

“Why don’t you cut him loose and start seein’ that good-lookin’ lawyer you’ve been hangin’ out with.”

“Have you been having me followed.”

Frank Bruzzi shrugs as squad cars and FBI vans fill the driveway. “Ohhh! The fuck is this?”

An FBI agent approaches the Bruzzis. “Francis Angelo Bruzzi, by the state of New Jersey and the United States government, you are under arrest.”

“On what grounds.”

The agent grins. “We’ll list off the charges in the car. Everything from racketeering to assault to murder.”

Tucker Rondeaux hops out of a Lincoln Town Car and joins Rebecca in the driveway.

Frank frowns. “Hey, you’re that lawyer my daughter’s been hanging out with.”

Tucker smiles. “I’ll be seeing you soon, Mr. Bruzzi.”

Frank turns to his daughter, bewildered. “Becky, were you involved in this?”

Rebecca watches her father being led away in cuffs. Tucker places his hand on her shoulder.

“C’mon, Rebecca. We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

“That won’t be necessary, Mr. Rondeaux.”


“I’m Mr. Bruzzi’s attorney.”

Frank’s eyes well with tears as he hits his head on the door-frame of the squad car.

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