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Time Out – Chapter 1

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Chapter One – First Case

“The court finds in favor of the plaintiff, Mr. Goranovic.”

The judge’s gavel echoes across the courtroom and young attorney Rebecca Bruzzi sinks back into her seat.

Bruzzi’s client, Armenian grocer Ibram Marianarian forces a handshake. “Thank you for helping me, Ms. Bruzzi.

“This was my first case and I lost. I’m a shit lawyer.”

Mr. Marianarian rises and collects his things. “You are a good lawyer and you will do great things. Tell your father I appreciate his help.”

“My father? What does he ha–“

The Armenian grocer exits the now-empty courtroom and a handsome well-quaffed young man in an expensive suit enters and holds out his hand, his teethy grin nearly blinding Rebecca.

“Rebecca Bruzzi. My name’s Tucker Rondeaux. I’m a junior partner over at Cleft & Periwinkle in Manhattan. We’d like to bring you in for an interview.”

“In case you missed it Mr. Rondeaux, my career record is now 0-1.”

“Always room for improvement. We think you have a bright future and we’d like you to have that future with us.”

“Forgive me for being skeptical, but I’m just a month out of law school. What does one of the largest law firms in New York want with a rookie public defendant from New Jersey?”

“Just come in on Monday and I’ll introduce you to Mr. Periwinkle. He’s dying to bend your ear.”

Rebecca Bruzzi tugs on an earlobe, staring curiously at Tucker Rondeaux as he exits the courtroom.

The bailiff standing behind her spooks Rebecca out of her haze with a cough. “Ma’am, if you can clear out, the judge needs this room for a yoga class in twenty.”

Back in her Newark apartment, Rebecca plunks down her briefcase and then herself on the second-hand couch. Rebecca’s Salvadorean roommate Alejandra Arenalia saunters out of the misty bathroom stark naked and Rebecca averts eyes to the ceiling.

“Al, can you–“

Alejandra rolls her eyes and throws on her boyfriend’s hockey jersey. “So, how was your fist case?”

“Down in flames.”

Alejandra pouts. “Oh, mami.”

“But I have a job interview at one of the biggest firms in Manhattan on Monday.”

Alejandra beams. “Oh, mami!”

“Just not sure why…”

Rebecca’s phone rings and she sighs as ‘Frank’ appears on her screen.

“…although I suspect I’m about to find out.”

In a plush sprawling estate in Lawrenceburg, NJ, Frank Bruzzi — the biggest mob boss in Jersey — removes a fat stogie from his mouth as his daughter answers.

“I hear my Becky’s about to become a big city lawyer. Perfect timing, because I think I’m gonna need one.”

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