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Here’s Dick – Chapter 8

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Here's Dick

Richard Pennisman is locked up for selling the secret Coca-Cola recipe to North Korean rocket scientists. But Richard Pennisman doesn’t plan on staying locked up for long.

Chapter Eight – The New Guy

Inmates Dick Pennisman & Chit Hayes join Cherokee Phillips in the basement below their cells under the guise of work detail as Cherokee bangs away on the ceiling between Dick & Chit’s cell and the sewer pipe they’ll be escaping out with a pickaxe.

Dick looks on, leaning against the now-disabled sewer pipe. “Looking good. I’ve arranged the transportation we’ll take south. Now all that’s left is the funding to survive south of the border. We won’t need much, just enough to get by. Where’s Bumps?”

Cherokee shrugs. “He went to check on something and never came back.”

Chit glances at his cellmate. “You don’t think he’d rat on us.”

Dick shakes his head. “He’s got just as much invested in this escape as the rest of us.”

“Escape, eh?”

The three conspirators spin to see the head of their work detail, ex-mob boss Johnnie Maraschino smiling and leaning against the far wall.

Chit panics. “Nah, ‘sex tape’. He said sex tape. We made a sex tape. Of us having sex.”

Johnnie Maraschino is glancing into the sewer pipe hole and laughing. “So this is why you were so eager to get on work detail. You’re blowin’ this popsicle stand.”

Dick’s brow is soaked as he holds his hands up, pleading with the ex-organized crime head. “Please, Mr. Maraschino. None of your men will be implicated. If you can just hold your tongue until we’re on the outside. I can get money once I’m out. I can wire you some.”

Chit frowns, “But you just said–“


Johnnie grins. “I want in.”


“The escape. I want in. I wanna get outta here. I need to get outta here.”

Chit leans on the sewer pipe with a cynical look. “Seems to me you got it pretty good in here. You got your boys, you got a fully-furnished deluxe cell, private meals. You got the run of the place. You live like a king.”

“A prison king,” Dick qualifies.

Johnnie Maraschino sighs. “Couple months ago some feds came around sayin’ they could reduce my sentence, maybe put me in witness protection with my wife and kids if I spilled some family secrets. I got weak. Find out a week ago through the grapevine one of my men had infiltrated the Bureau. I could be offed any second. I gotta get outta here, find my family and hit the road. You let me escape with you boys and I’ll float you some cash. You’ll live like a king down Mexico way. And not a prison king, neither.”

Dick holds back a beaming grin. “I think…we can…make that work.”

“Only thing is, we gotta go tomorrow.”

Dick glances at Chit & Cherokee. “Well, the pipe’s done, this hole is just about done. My brother’s truck is a phone call away. Only missing ingredient is the prison riot we’ll need in order to get down the hole, down here and out the pipe. We were kinda depending on Bumps’ violent tendencies for that, but he’s gone missing.”

Maraschino smiles. “You want a prison riot? I”ll get you a prison riot.”

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