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Here’s Dick – Chapter 3

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 04/13/2015

Here's Dick

Richard Pennisman is locked up for selling the secret Coca-Cola recipe to North Korean rocket scientists. But Richard Pennisman doesn’t plan on staying locked up.

Chapter Three – The Breakup

Inmate Richard Pennisman is greeted in the visitation room by his boyfriend Jack Gibbs, who gives him a tepid hug.

“Jack, I’ve missed you. I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages.”

“You’ve been in jail for three days, Richard.”

“Time goes slower in here.”

“Richard, we have to talk.”

“Let me go first. I have something important to tell you.” Dick leans in close with an excited grin and whispers, “I’m getting out.”

“Richard, what are you talking about? The judge gave you fifty years for treason.”

“I’m escaping.” Dick cups his mouth with both hands and squeals, but Jack appears nonplussed.

“Richard, I think we should break up.”

Dick’s subsequent scream startles all other convicts and their visitors in the room until guard Harry Schette tases Dick into unconsciousness.

In the cafeteria that afternoon, Dick is glumly picking at his corned beef with his fork. Cherokee and Bumps are sitting across from him when Chit comes over to their table in his apron, holding a spatula.

“What’s wrong, fish? I use too much salt?”

“My boyfriend dumped me.”

“Aw I’m sorry, man.”

Bumps crinkles his brow. “Hold up, you gay? What you cryin’ about, then. Brush that off, this place oughta be a resort for y’all folk!”

Dick slightly raises his gaze, annoyed. “That’s not how it works, Bumps.”

Chit taps his spatula on the table. “Bumps is right on one point. You gotta brush this off, Dick. We got bigger fish to fry now. That is, if you’re still hellbent on this plan of yours.”

Dick pushes his tray aside and stands up, steely-eyed and driven. “You’re right, Chit. The next phase of my plan is going to require a moral sacrifice on my part.”

Chit smirks and turns to head back to the kitchen. “This is Macon State, fish. Ain’t no morals here.”

Warden Amanda Wu invites Dick into her office and shuts the door. She stands straight-backed and straight-faced, looking up at the con.

“You have come to your senses, inmate?”

“Yes, ma’am. I will give you the secret Coca-Cola ingredient for a favor.”

“Recipe first.”

Dick hands the warden a folded-up scrap of paper. Wu opens it and smiles imperceptibly.

“You have held up your end of the bargain and so I will hold up mine. What is favor you require, inmate?”

“I’d like my cellmate Chit Hayes and I transferred to a first-floor cell.”

“You don’t like second floor? Better view.”

Dick smiles. “Let’s just say I ‘dig’ the first floor a little more.”

The warden scrunches her nose. “‘Dig’? What you mean ‘dig’? You plan to dig hole and escape my prison?”

Dick’s eyes bulge and he gulps audibly. “Um…….no?”

Warden Wu nods. “Good.”

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