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Space Madness – Chapter 15

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 03/18/2015

Space Madness

Former astronaut Nancy Line returns from exile after a public nervous breakdown to assist NASA in faking a moon landing.

Chapter Fifteen – How About You?

LAPD Detectives Ricky Faulk & Harry Schette and astronauts Nancy Line & Tony Graziani are racing through the back streets of Southeast Texas, headed for the Gulf with White House Chief of Staff Jeremy Wolfe’s black ops hit squad in pursuit.

Nancy hangs up her burner phone. “That was Tito. He’s gonna meet us with a speedboat at the harbor. From there, we’ll head straight for the oil platform.”

Tony grips the door handle as Ricky takes a tight corner. “Nancy, I’m worried your pal Tito’s gonna be no match for a military death squad.”

“Tony, I haven’t been entirely truthful about what I did on that oil platform for the seven years I was out of the public eye.”

Jeremy Wolfe grips the passenger side dash of the Humvee as it speeds towards the harbor.

“We lost visuals, sir.”

“That’s alright, we know where they’re headed,” Jeremy assures his driver.

Another soldier in the back seat pipes up, staring at his laptop. “Sir, that oil platform the NASA director gave you coordinates for? It’s been offline for a decade.”

Jeremy’s eyes narrow. “Then what the hell was she doing out there?”

Tony and the detectives nervously eye three burly Mexican men with AK’s as Nancy embraces Tito Alizar and sits down, the speedboat bouncing along the choppy waves.

Tony’s voice cracks. “So these guys are…”

“Mexican drug cartel, yes.”

“Nancy, you used to work for a Mexican drug cartel?”

Tito Alizar, a pear-shaped man with a thick mustache turns back from steering the boat. “Relax, chico. She didn’t kill nobody. She was just our numbers girl.”

Tony nods. “Well, you were always good with numbers.”

Tito grins. “Nancy, we got a reporter from NBC ready to go live once we hit the bridge. And then we’ll have a big fiesta!”

The cartel men hoot and fire their guns into the air and Tony pees himself.

Jeremy looks through binoculars at the distant oil platform, crawling with armed men.

A black ops soldier stands next to Jeremy on their boat. “Sir, nothing short of a nuclear strike is going to get us close. There’s just too much firepower.”

Another black ops soldier shows Jeremy video on his phone of NBC cutting into a live broadcast with a special report.

Jeremy lowers his binoculars and smiles. “Well played, Ms. Line. Well played.”

NBC reporter Herb Cotton is on camera with Nancy Line on the bridge of the oil platform. “Ms. Line, I understand you have some things to say to the American public, in light of recent events.”

“Yes.” Nancy turns to the camera and clears her throat. “I’d like to talk about the moon.”

Nancy smiles as the sound of a distant missile whistles nearer.


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