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Space Madness – Chapter 4

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 02/09/2015

Space Madness

Former astronaut Nancy Line returns from exile after a public nervous breakdown to assist NASA in faking a moon landing.

Chapter Four – You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me

“You told your ex-boyfriend who you tried to murder that you’re a lesbian?”

“Well, when you put it like that.”

Astronaut Nancy Line is driving her sister Shelly to the undisclosed movie stage in the valley above Los Angeles.

“And you want me to pose as your girlfriend?”

“Tony’s trying to act like he’s over me and he’s moved on and his life is so great now. So I’ll show him I’ve moved on even farther than he has. Also, your name’s Adele now.”

“Nancy, it’s been seven years. You went through the counseling, the medication. I thought you were past all this.”

“I am. I just need to show him that I am.”

“This is all very unhealthy.”

“We might have to kiss on the mouth a little.”


Nancy looks up and swerves out of the way of Tony and his new girlfriend, Nancy’s astronaut understudy Betsy Rice. Nancy and Shelly get out in the parking lot in front of the movie stage.

Tony has his arm around Betsy, grinning. “Trying to take out your partner before we even take off, Line?”

“Tony, this is Adele, my girlfriend.”

“That’s your sister.”

Shelly nods, “Yup.”


“Nancy, we dated for a year. I’ve seen pictures of your sister.”

Shelly waves, “Hi, Tony.”

“Hey, Shelly.”

Shelly looks up at the towering movie stage, “So what are you guys doing here? Training for the big top-secret mission?”

Tony explodes, “You told her about the moon landing!”

Nancy sighs, “No, I told her about the big top-secret mission.”

Tony winces, “Ah.”

Shelly’s eyes widen, “Wow! The moon? That’s amazing!”

Nancy pushes Shelly back to the car, “Yeah, amazing. So here’s the keys. I’ll take a cab home.”

The three astronauts head inside and Shelly catches a glimpse of a partially-constructed moon set and Josef Morrow yelling at Arrendise Marche and two short actors in greys costumes.

“There are no aliens on the moon! Get them outta here!”

Across the street, LAPD Detectives Ricky Faulk and Harry Schette are posted up in Ricky’s Audi Cabriolet, watching everyone going in and out of the movie stage.

Faulk takes a bite of his egg sandwich, “Well, they don’t look like actors.” He glances at his partner. “Whaddya think, meth factory?”

Harry Schette shakes his head, “Meth’s so passe. One cable drama and everyone thinks they can make it now. What we’re dealing with here is good old-fashioned heroin.”

Ricky nods and leans back in his seat, “The brown horse. We might be here a while, partner. Better get comfortable.”

Harry unbuckles his belt, wiggles out of his slacks and hangs them out the passenger-side window. Ricky glances at his partner in his skivvies and Harry shrugs. “You want comfortable, you’re gonna get comfortable.”

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