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Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Gambling Is Illegal – Week 17

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 12/26/2014

Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would like to remind you that gambling is illegal.

Week Seventeen

As National Football League Commissioner, I, Roger Goodell, am pleased to announce that the National Football League regular season comes to a conclusion this weekend. It has been a profitable and productive regular season and we look for more of the same in Q4 and moving back into Q1 of 2015. Goals have been met and exceeded and productivity is at an all-time high.

My legal team has advised me to refrain from commenting further on the National Football League at this time; but I must remind the football viewer at home that gambling is highly illegal and one should heed no advice from the gambling picks listed below. They are purely for recreational use. The National Football League Commissioner’s office wishes you and yours a healthy and happy new year and please continue to consume football.

End of message.

Browns (+10) over Ravens

Cowboys (-6) over Washington

Colts (-7) over Titans

Jaguars (+9.5) over Texans

Chiefs (-3) over Chargers

Jets (+6) over Dolphins

Bears (+6) over Vikings

Patriots (-5) over Bills

Eagles (+3) over Giants

Buccaneers (+4) over Saints

Panthers (+4) over Falcons

Lions (+8) over Packers

Broncos (-14) over Raiders

49ers (-6) over Cardinals

Seahawks (-12.5) over Rams

Bengals (+3.5) over Steelers

Last Week: 10-6

Best Week: 10-3 (Week 10)

Season: 122-114-4 (.517)

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