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Nappy Brown’s Pro Football Prognostications! Week 12

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 11/20/2014

Nappy Brown!

Legendary bluesman Nappy Brown is back for his weekly football picks, so let’s get to prognosticatin’!

Week Twelve

Nappy got the blues! In Nappy’s fingers and toes, that is.

Nappy cold!

Winter has sprung and Nappy ain’t happy. Nappy’s a warm weather cat. And that’s something to look for in the coming weeks from a football gamblin’ standpoint. Dolphins ain’t gon’ go up to Buffalo and be huckin’ it around like they do down in Florida.

Buffalo just got six feet dumped on ’em. That’s a whole Nappy! They Nappy-high in the white stuff! And I ain’t talkin’ about the white stuff Nappy got high on with Chuck Berry back in the sixties. That was a whole different kind of snow-plowin’.

Cold weather teams are the way to go from here on out. Except for those dome teams. Nappy don’t trust a dome team. What you hidin’ under that dome!

Raiders (+7.5) over Chiefs

Browns (+3.5) over Falcons

Titans (+11) over Eagles

Lions (+7) over Patriots

Vikings (+10) over Packers

Jaguars (+14) over Colts

Bengals (+1.5) over Texans

Jets (+4) over Bills

Buccaneers (+6) over Bears

Seahawks (-6.5) over Cardinals

Chargers (-4.5) over Rams

Dolphins (+7.5) over Broncos

49ers (-9) over Washington

Giants (+3.5) over Cowboys

Saints (-3) over Ravens

Last Week: 7-7

Best Week: 10-3 (Week 10)

Season: 85-75-1 (.531)

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