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Finding King – Chapter 11

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 11/04/2014

Finding King

A tabloid writer for the Weekly World Daily and a Columbia grad student are on the hunt to discover if Elvis is still alive.

Chapter 11 – Blue Moon

HELEN: Security is surprisingly lax at Graceland.

AARON: Yeah, I thought one of us would have to seduce a security guard as a distraction, at least.

(Helen & Aaron wait until nightfall to sneak in through the back of the Graceland estate and meet no resistance along the way. The ex-tabloid journalists pass a billiard room, a bowling alley and an indoor pool before sneaking upstairs on their tippy-toes like old-timey burglars. They spot an old man mopping in the kitchen and duck behind the island..)

HELEN: (whispering) Is that him?

AARON: Has to be, right? What kinda janitor mops at three in the morning?

(Aaron tentatively holds his phone above the counter, takes a picture and the flash noise echoes across the estate..)

HELEN: (glares)

AARON: (whispers) Ah. Shoulda put it on silent before we broke in, huh.

HELEN: How are you so bad at journalism?

ELVIS: Who’s there? I heard one of them camera phones. Can’t be wrong.

(Helen & Aaron slowly stand up behind the kitchen island and sheepishly kick at the floor..)

ELVIS: What y’all doin’ in my–uh, in Elvis’ house.

AARON: We know it’s you, King. The jig is up.

ELVIS: Naw, I’m just the lowly janitor. A-sweepin’ and a-moppin’.

HELEN: Elvis.

ELVIS: (sighs) Aw, y’all got me. Been chasin’ me across the damn country. Shoulda figured y’all would catch up eventually. Why can’t ya just leave an old man alone.

AARON: Because it’s the people’s right to know that you’re still here. Still alive and kicking.

ELVIS: Yeah, karate kicking. Kee-yi! (kicks mop and bucket over) Aw, hell. But what about my rights, huh?

HELEN: (comes out from behind the island, careful not to slip on the wet marble floor) Don’t you miss it, Mr. Presley? The roar of the crowds. The adoring fans.

ELVIS: I’m just a fat old man now, girlie.

AARON: I’m a journalist, Mr. Presley. And this is a career-defining story. I just need you to understand that.

(The sound of a helicopter hovering overhead in the backyard, puts Elvis in a karate pose..)

ELVIS: Choppers!

HELEN: (spins around) Aaron, what did you do.

AARON: (stares down at ground) I, uh, sort of…emailed that Elvis photo to the Associated Press.

HELEN: Aaron!

ELVIS: Boy, you done goofed.

(The three peer out at the landed helicopter in the backyard as an old man hobbles out with a cane..)

SALVATORE PETRINO: Elvis. Come out, come out, wherever you are.

AARON: (face goes white) The mob. They must have been trailing us since Vegas.

ELVIS: Boy, you done double-goofed.

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