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Finding King – Chapter 10

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 11/03/2014

Finding King

A tabloid writer for the Weekly World Daily and a Columbia grad student are on the hunt to discover if Elvis is still alive.

Chapter 10 – I’ll Never Let You Go

(Helen & Aaron are driving north in a rental car from New Orleans to Nashville, TN; still hot on the trail of Elvis Presley..)

HELEN: So you really think that was Elvis Presley on the roof of that casino shooting those henchmen back in Vegas.

AARON: Had to be.

HELEN: How did he become such a good marksman.

AARON: Hey, he was an expert in karate. Who knows what other skills he picked up. Especially with forty years away from the public eye. Maybe he became a CIA operative. He was pals with Nixon, you know.

HELEN: Forty years of being alone. Why would the most recognizable human being on the planet with the world at his fingertips wanna throw it all away.

AARON: That’s just it. That’s precisely why. The fame. Fame is a fickle bitch. Everyone’s cheering for you until you attain a certain level of notoriety and then they turn on you. Those prying hopeful eyes waiting for you to leave the house now have a cynical bent to them. They look through your trash and dig up dirt on you. “Where do you get off being so wonderful and popular? We’ll fix you.” Everybody wants to be famous; but nobody wants the fame. It’s a double-sided sword. Ooh, I wonder if he knows how to use a sword, too.

(Aaron is driving through the streets of Nashville as Helen stares out at the passing businesses and homes..)

AARON: There’s the Grand Ole Opry.

HELEN: So Elvis fakes his death. Maybe he’s got some friends in law enforcement who agree to go along with the ruse. They say they find him on the toilet. Maybe they find a drifter with a passing resemblance  to pose as his body.

AARON: Elvis impersonating had already become a cottage industry at that point.

HELEN: But then where does he go?

AARON: I think he traveled the world. The Colonel never let him go abroad. He saw the country from the eyes of a civilian for once. There have been sightings in every city we visited. New Orleans, Las Vegas, Honolulu. But I think now that he’s in his later years, about to turn eighty, there’s only one place he wants to be.

(The rental car pulls up in front of a sprawling palatial estate behind large wrought-iron fences..)

HELEN: Graceland.

AARON: Our prize is somewhere behind those walls.

HELEN: And how are we supposed to find him. Take a tour?

AARON: (shakes his head) The King won’t be in any room on those tours. No. We’ve gotta break into Graceland.

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