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Finding King – Chapter 9

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 10/28/2014

Finding King

A tabloid writer for the Weekly World Daily and a Columbia grad student are on the hunt to discover if Elvis is still alive.

Chapter 9 – I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)

(Helen & Aaron are on a plane heading east out of Vegas after witnessing who Aaron believes to be the still-alive Elvis Presley assassinate two mafia henchmen..)

HELEN: From the security footage I procured, it appears our suspect–

AARON: Elvis Presley.

HELEN: –got up to the roof disguised as a janitor, took the shot, changed out of his uniform, exited the casino, hopped in a cab to the airport and took the first plane out of Vegas to Nashville, Tennessee.

AARON: C’mon. It’s Elvis. Who flies from Vegas to Nashville.

HELEN: Literally thousands of people every year.

AARON: Still.

HELEN: No matter who he is, he’s clearly dangerous and unstable.

AARON: I don’t think he’s dangerous at all. I think he was protecting us.

HELEN: Aaron, I’m worried you’ve become all too obsessed with this story. Maybe it’s the compounding of stress from losing your job and your girlfriend. I’m worried this investigation might break you.

AARON: Nah, I’m fine. Funny you mentioned my ex-girlfriend, though. Heh.


PILOT: (over the PA) Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Flight 789 out of Las Vegas is approaching its final destination of New Orleans. Please buckle up and thanks for flying Budget Airlines.

HELEN: (turns to her former journalist mentor) Aaron, you didn’t.

AARON: (sheepish smile)

(Helen is hustling after Aaron as he walks briskly up a New Orleans street..)

HELEN: You’re putting your entire Elvis investigation on hiatus to stalk your ex-girlfriend.

AARON: (speed-walking) I just wanna see how she’s doing. Maybe, uh, set her husband on fire.

HELEN: What!

AARON: I mean, don’t kill him. Just, like, singe him a bit. Disfigure him a little in the facial region.

HELEN: (grabs the crazed reporter’s arm) Aaron, stop! That’s what all this has been about, hasn’t it. You’re still not over her. And you’re pouring all that energy and obsession into this fruitless search for a man who died forty years ago.

AARON: (tears trickling down his cheek) Well, so what if I’m not over her!

HELEN: That’s okay. At least you can finally admit it. But it’s over, Aaron. And setting a man’s face on fire isn’t going to change that. You and Penelope weren’t meant to be. It’s like that old cigarette lady on the Mississippi steamboat said–

AARON: The boat Elvis cut the brakes to.

HELEN: Yours and Penelope’s story is over. It’s time for you to start a new story. It’s time for the madness to stop.

AARON: You’re right. It’s time to prove Elvis is still alive, once and for all.

HELEN: Well, I was thinking more along the lines of dropping all this, heading back to New York and looking for a real job.

(Helen & Aaron turn back towards the airport..)

HELEN: Were you really going to set your ex-girlfriend’s new husband’s face on fire?

AARON: Hehe………..yeah.

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