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Finding King – Chapter 7

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 10/21/2014

Finding King

A tabloid writer for the Weekly World Daily and a Columbia grad student are on the hunt to discover if Elvis is still alive.

Chapter 7 – Tutti Frutti

(Helen has been back in New York for a month and has gotten a new internship at the New York Post assisting the editor..)

EDITOR: Helen, are you familiar with the moon skeleton story?

HELEN: Yes, sir. I was following it closely while working for Weekly World Daily.

EDITOR: I’d like you to write up some copy for me on the scientific and cultural implications.

HELEN: Yes, sir. Right away.

EDITOR: And I’ve already got the headline: MOON BONES: WHO OWNS? UNKNOWN.

HELEN: That’s…great, sir.

JR. ASSISTANT: (pokes head in office) Helen, you’ve got a call on line two.

(Helen enters the busy main room and picks up the receiver to a frantic Aaron King on the other end..)

AARON: Helen, you gotta get to Vegas. I’m onto something big.

HELEN: Aaron, I thought you were still in Hawaii. This isn’t about Elvis, is it.

AARON: I found him, Helen. He’s here. The Bellagio. Security room. They’ve been pummeling me pretty good, so please hurry.

HELEN: What.

GOON: Bring cash. *click*

HELEN: (sighs)

(The next morning, after feeding her editor a line about interviewing NASA employees at Cape Canaveral, Helen hands over her Post per diem to the head of Bellagio security and a battered Aaron King spills out onto the street, looking just as haggard as most everyone else on the Vegas strip..)

AARON: Elvis faked his death after incurring massive gambling debts to the mob here in Vegas in 1977. He owed them up to $10 million after wagering heavily on the Vikings in Super Bowl XI.

HELEN: That’s a lotta dough. But you said on the  phone you found him.

(Aaron points across the street at a man in his seventies in an ill-fitting Elvis jumpsuit handing out ice cream in a Tutti Frutti ice cream truck..)

AARON: Hiding in plain sight. The perfect crime.

HELEN: You cannot be serious.

AARON: I’ve been staking that truck out for weeks. Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Inc. is a shell corporation with a headquarters located in Nashville, TN. It’s him.

HELEN: Okay, well if that’s the case we have to be very careful about how we procee–okay, he’s just walking across the street now.

(Aaron cuts in front of a small child and slaps a hundred dollar bill on the counter..)

AARON: Mr. Presley, my associate and I would like to speak with you.

“ELVIS”: (sighs, snaps hundred) Let’s go to the buffet, then.

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