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Finding King – Chapter 6

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 10/20/2014

Finding King

A tabloid writer for the Weekly World Daily and a Columbia grad student are on the hunt to discover if Elvis is still alive.

Chapter 6 – Just Because

(On a flight out of San Jose..)

HELEN: So what are we going to find in Hawaii?

AARON: The foremost expert on all things Elvis. If this guy doesn’t know where the King is, nobody does.

HELEN: You’re sure this isn’t just another wild goose chase. Hawaii’s an awful long way to go for nothing. Course I’ve never been and it would be a welcome break from Tennessee and Texarkana.

AARON: Elvis spent a lot of time in Hawaii. It would make sense for him to retire on a tropical beach.

HELEN: It’s just…are you sure you–are you sure the Weekly World Daily can afford it?

AARON: Since when have you been concerned with the Weekly World Daily‘s budget.

HELEN: I just don’t want…the Weekly World Daily to overextend itself.

AARON: (stares out window at the passing ocean waves below) The Weekly World Daily is gonna be fine.

(Helen looks on with growing concern..)

NELSTONE: Mahalo, Mr. King. Shelton Nelstone. Welcome to the island.

AARON: Thank you for meeting with us, Mr. Nelstone.

(The tabloid journalists get in Mr. Nelstone’s car and they begin the drive to his beachfront estate..)

HELEN: This island is gorgeous, Mr. Nelstone. Elvis really loved this place, huh.

NELSTONE: Yes, ma’am. Elvis Presley shot three movies on this island and a worldwide televised concert. He’d come here from time to time off and on for nearly three decades. Hawaii’s second son.

AARON: So if Elvis was still alive, this is most likely where he’d be.

NELSON: (smiles) Hawaii’s the perfect place to disappear.

(Aaron turns to the backseat and shares a look with Helen, hopeful they’re finally on the right track..)

(Helen & Aaron are enjoying lemonade on Mr. Nelstone’s deck, looking out over the Pacific Ocean when the Elvis historian joins them and places a wooden box on the table..)

NELSTONE: Here you go: Old Elvis.

AARON: (frowns) This is a box.

HELEN: Oh my god, is his head in there.


AARON: If his head is in there, you have to tell us.

HELEN: I don’t wanna see a head.

NELSTONE: It’s not a head.

(Shelton Nelstone opens the box and Helen & Aaron tentatively peer in..)

AARON: Stamps?

NELSTONE: Yup. Old Elvis stamps. Extremely rare, in mint condition. Americans voted for Young Elvis and the few Old Elvis stamps they printed immediately skyrocketed in value.

(Aaron stands up and begins walking out to the ocean..)

HELEN: (looking up at Mr. Nelstone) Well, at least it’s not a head.

(That evening as the sun sets over a quiet Oahu beach, Helen catches up with Aaron stumbling and swigging a nearly-empty bottle of rum..)

HELEN: Aaron.

AARON: Leave me alone.

HELEN: Aaron, we should go home.

AARON: Everyone thinks I wanna see stamps and grainy photographs and Bigfoot. Nobody takes me seriously.

HELEN: Your last cover story was about how the Royal Baby is part-wolf.

AARON: Those sources were trustworthy!

HELEN: Aaron, I know about Weekly World Daily. I know they shut down weeks ago and you’ve been paying out of pocket for this investigation ever since. I think it’s time we call this one and head back to New York.

(Aaron plops down in the sand..)

AARON: You go. I’m staying.

HELEN: It’s just, with my school and the internship..

AARON: You’re the real journalist, Helen. You’ve got investigation skills. You’ve got a real acumen for the data. For the job. You go back to New York and make something of yourself. I’m just gonna stay here and drown myself in booze.

HELEN: I wish you’d come with me.

AARON: (staring out at the rolling evening waves) Just go.

HELEN: Alright. Bye, Aaron.

AARON: Aloha, Helen.

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