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Finding King – Chapter 3

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 10/02/2014

Finding King

A tabloid writer for the Weekly World Daily and a Columbia grad student are on the hunt to discover if Elvis is still alive.

Chapter 3 – I Got A Woman

AARON:  I’m gonna barf.

(Helen & Aaron are on a nighttime riverboat casino rocking vigorously up the Mississippi River towards Memphis..)

HELEN:  Come on. This is fun. We’re having fun!

AARON:  I don’t like boats.

HELEN:  Well..I didn’t know that.

(Aaron leans against the railing, steadying himself; his face a pale greenish hue..)

AARON:  Penelope’s probably consummating her marriage as we speak.  (hurls over railing into the river)

HELEN:  Odd thing to think about. Listen Aaron, you’ve got to get over your ex-girlfriend.

(An older woman in a tight leather jacket and a tight leather face thumps her cigarette pack with a smirk..)

GEMMA:  Ex-girlfriend, huh? Got a light?

(Inside the riverboat at a blackjack table, Aaron is opening up to the haggard older woman while Helen sits off to the side with a drink and a frown..)

GEMMA:  So how exactly did your old lady leave you, meet some new chump and marry him in only a span of five months?

AARON:  She was seeing her yogi for a while when we were still together.

GEMMA:  Aren’t those the old Indian guys?

AARON:  Not this one. The day I walked in on her and..Derek was the same day I found out Weekly World Daily was shutting down at the end of the year.

HELEN:  (looks up with an exasperated sigh)  Well there goes my internship.

GEMMA:  Weekly World Daily, why does that sound familiar?

AARON:  They’re the news tabloid that writes those silly stories about Bigfoot and skeletons on the moon.

HELEN:  That’s last one’s real, though.

GEMMA:  Oh yeah, I’ve seen those in the grocery store checkout line. You’re not one of those weirdos who believes Elvis is still alive, are you?

AARON:  (nervous chuckle)  What? Nah.

HELEN:  We saw him. In New Orleans. Well sorta. The back of his head. He told us to leave him alone.

(Gemma gives Aaron a look..)

AARON:  She’s an intern.

GEMMA:  Mmhmm. Listen, this whole ex thing is easy. You’re a journalist. Just look at her as one of your stories. That story is over. It’s time to start a new story. A story about moon skeletons, or whatever the fuck.

AARON:  Yeah. You know, that makes a lot of sense.

GEMMA:  I know it does, darlin.  (downs whiskey)  Now what say you and I take this party back to my room and–

(The riverboat lurches and begins to drastically pick up speed as gamblers glance around nervously, clutching their blackjack and craps tables. The captain enters the casino floor in staggering steps..)

CAPTAIN:  Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t want to alarm you; but it seems the brakes have been jammed.

(Aaron shoots up out of his seat, knocking his chair over as casino-goers scramble and scream..)

AARON:  (eyes narrow)  Elvis.

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