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Nappy Brown’s Pro Football Prognostications! Week 3

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 09/18/2014

Nappy Brown!

Legendary bluesman Nappy Brown is back for his weekly football picks, so let’s get to prognosticatin’!

Week Three

Robert Griffin III gone again!

Nappy thinks he’s got the perfect solution to starters dropping left and right this season: Flag football!

Flag football got all the excitement of regular football — the running, the evasions, the leaping, loving and laughing — with none of those nasty hits!

In the new NFFL, Robert Griffin’s biggest enemy will be himself. So he’s still screwed!

And just think of all the funny bloopers you’d get in the National Flag Football League. DeAngelo Hall swinging wildly for a flag, missing and flipping head over heels. Tony Romo forgetting his flags on the bench. Wes Welker somehow still getting concussed.

Flag football is the future. Get in on the ground floor now while a lot of the NFFL’s future stars are still alive.

Falcons (-6.5) over Buccaneers

Chargers (+2.5) over Bills

Cowboys (-1) over Rams

Eagles (-6.5) over Washington

Texans (-2) over Giants

Saints (-10.5) over Vikings

Bengals (-7) over Titans

Ravens (-1.5) over Browns

Lions (-2.5) over Packers

Colts (-7) over Jaguars

Raiders (+14.5) over Patriots

Cardinals (+3) over 49ers

Broncos (+4.5) over Seahawks

Chiefs (+4.5) over Dolphins

Steelers (+3.5) over Panthers

Jets (-2.5) over Bears

Last Week: 9-7

Season: 14-18 (.438)

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