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Finding King – Chapter 1

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 09/15/2014

Finding King

Chapter 1 – Blue Swayed

AARON:  (whispers)  Sing in me, Muse. And through me tell the story..

HELEN:  What’s that?

AARON:  Nothing.

(Helen Rosa, a grad student and journalism major at Columbia University, has been interning at Weekly World Daily — a monthly news tabloid publication — in the hopes of gaining some real-world experience in the industry. She and Weekly reporter Aaron King have just left Tupelo, MS and are heading south in a rental car toward Lousiana..)

HELEN:  Boy, that last one was a real loony toon. These people actually believe Elvis is still alive.

AARON:  Stranger things have happened.

HELEN:  Do you believe?

AARON:  I have to. It’s my job.

HELEN: I thought you guys at the Weekly World Daily just made everything up and never left New York.

AARON:  Most of them do. Some of us like to get our hands dirty.

(Helen snaps open the newspaper..)

HELEN:  Listen to this. ‘Human skeleton found on moon’.

AARON:  (smiles)  Yeah, that’s one of mine.

HELEN:  No, Aaron. This is the Times.

AARON:  What.

HELEN:  ‘A human skeleton and footprints have been discovered on the lunar surface’. How is that possible, a human being alive on the moon without a spacesuit.

AARON:  Probably just a downed cosmonaut.

HELEN:  (shrugs, folds up paper)  So who are we going to see in New Orleans. Another bat-shit crazy old cat lady or another Elvis impersonator trying to pull a fast one.

AARON:  My ex-girlfriend’s wedding.

(Outside a New Orleans church..)

HELEN:  You’re not looking for Elvis at all. You just took this assignment so you could come down here and crash your ex’s wedding.

AARON:  (hurriedly changing into tuxedo pants in the driver’s seat)  Yeah? So what.

HELEN:  So that’s insane. Look Aaron, I don’t know you all that well. But you just flew from New York to Mississippi and drove all the way here to New Orleans to break up the wedding of this Penelope girl who dumped you five months ago. That doesn’t sound a little crazy to you?

AARON:  This morning we talked to five people who think Elvis is still alive and you just told me there are human bones on the moon.

HELEN:  Fair counterpoint. Look Aaron, this isn’t the movies. You can’t just barge into a church and expect–

(The two are interrupted by a thud on the rental car window and they look up to see a man in a long black trench-coat ambling away. Aaron & Helen get out of the car as he turns the corner..)

AARON:  The hell was that about.

(Helen removes a note from under the windshield wiper, glances over it & holds it up to Aaron as her face goes white..)

Stop looking for me. 


AARON:  (eyes narrow)  The wedding can wait. We’ve got work to do.

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