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Deep Blue – Chapter 4

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 09/03/2014

Deep Blue

Astronaut Miles Dewey has been stranded alone aboard the ISS Mississippi for months and is awaiting a rescue that may never come.

Chapter 4 – Month 8: All Blues

March 31st, 2015

Amazing news from home today. The Russians are coming.

Houston radioed early this morning — waking me from a pilled-out haze — alerting me that Maria, now apparently having been promoted to Captain, had lobbied her government to scuttle a shuttle together as a sign of good faith towards the Americans. An olive branch, if you will.

Whatever the reasons, all I know is my love is coming to rescue me.

I’ve been racing around frantically all day, cleaning up the ship. The Mississippi has admittedly blossomed into quite a mess in the eight months I’ve been cooped up here alone. I’ve been scrambling so fast I’ve hardly had any time to sit down and record the latest goings-on in my journal, my thoughts racing faster than my body.

The food supply has dwindled to nothing. Water is low. The pills I’ve come accustomed — nay, addicted — to are nearly nil.

The only thing keeping me from spiraling into the shakes of withdrawal is the approaching promise of imminent escape from this wretched place.

Captain Maria Abramova is coming to take me home. That sentence doesn’t seem real.

It feels funny to say I’m going home. I’ve been on this station so long, anywhere else would feel foreign.

But the Mississippi isn’t my home.

Earth isn’t my home

My home is Maria.

I’m not coming home. My home is coming to me.

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