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Deep Blue – Chapter 3

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Deep Blue

Astronaut Miles Dewey has been stranded alone aboard the ISS Mississippi for months and is awaiting a rescue that may never come.

Chapter 3 – Month 7: Blue & Green

February 28th, 2015

I’m beginning to see some of Birdman’s madness mirrored in my own mannerisms. Towards the end shortly before his escape, he seemed to have lost all semblance of reality. They say you’re not mad if you think you’ve gone mad. But those people have never gone mad.

The food supply has dwindled to nothing. Still no word from the Americans or the Russians. Radio silence. At least I still have my medicine. At this point it’s the only thing keeping me calm and somewhat sane.

Brig. Gen. Birdman’s break came when we were working with the Russians on a meteor study. Birdman heard a radio message from the nearby (now unmanned) Japanese space station JAXA-5, jumping their frequency. The Japanese had been conducting a similar study and they had discovered a mineral in the meteor belt that, if chemically reverse-engineered, could provide a fuel more sustainable and plentiful than Earth’s oil. The discoverer would be famous. So Birdman stole their idea.

The Russians and us worked day and night in the lab; Maria and I side by side. The night we finally broke the code we celebrated. The ISS Mississippi always carries a small storage of alcohol in case of just such occasions. That was the night Birdman caught Maria & I in the throes of passion. The next morning she was on her way back home.

And that’s when everything turned.

The Russians became more secretive, reclusive in their studies. It wasn’t until after they left that Houston informed us the Russians had taken sole credit for the discovery. They were charging the Americans exorbitant amounts for the formula they had taken with them. Birdman couldn’t recreate the results without them as he didn’t understand the science he had stolen from the Japanese. The Japanese now accused the Russians of that theft and there has been a tense standoff between the two nations ever since.

A lost astronaut is no longer anyone’s top priority.

After the Russian double-cross, Birdman went fully over the edge; single-handedly emptying the ship’s alcohol stash.

One night I snapped at him about sending Maria away and that being the reason for the Russian’s turncoat actions. Birdman pounced on me with a ferocity and quickly pummeled me into submission. When I awoke he was gone and I’ve been left alone on this ship for six months with a fractured eye socket and a concussion and only these pills to subside the pain. I’m afraid I’ve developed a rather severe addiction to these blue and green pills and the supply is running low.

The future is darker than the sky outside my bay window. The only feeling I feel anymore is despair. My angel is not coming for me. Not in this life, anyway.

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