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Deep Blue – Chapter 2

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 08/25/2014

Deep Blue

Astronaut Miles Dewey has been stranded alone aboard the ISS Mississippi for months and is awaiting a rescue that may never come.

Chapter 2 – Month 6: Fredi

January 24th, 2015

It has been a long month of waiting.

Houston says the Russian government has repeatedly delayed my rescue mission due to ongoing internal political conflicts alongside military threats from Eastern Europe.

I expect that Maria is as anxious to see me as I her.

The food and medicine supplies are beginning to run low and there is a growing cause for concern. Houston is worried about my mental state, being alone up here with little communication for five months. I feel in control of my emotions; but Brig. Gen. Birdman Jackson felt the same confidence before his break. The silence out here can be soothing; but it can also be disquieting.

A crack has appeared on the hull. A figurative crack; but a crack, nonetheless.

The last time I saw Maria was nearly eighteen months ago. A Russian crew of Maria, her superior Lt. Col. Fredi Lefdovsky and three others joined Brig. Gen. Jackson and I for some meteor rock studies.

On a late night “rendezvous” between Maria and I, we were interrupted by Lt. Col. Lefdovsky. Shortly thereafter Maria was sent home. Three months later the rest of the Russian crew followed her and it was just me and Brig. Gen. Jackson until his nervous breakdown and subsequent escape left me in my current state of affairs.

The day that Lt. Col. Lefdovsky sent her home, a part of me thought it would be the last time I see Sgt. Maria Abramova. She waved from the shuttle as it dissolved into the big blue ball below.

I can only hope that small part of me was wrong. For she is light in a surrounding darkness. Not a darkness of space, but a darkness of life.

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