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Deep Blue – Chapter 1

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 08/18/2014

Deep Blue

Chapter 1 – Month 5: So What

December 16th, 2014.

I, Astronaut Miles Dewey, have now been alone on the ISS Mississippi for four months after Brigadier General Chuck “Birdman” Jackson’s alleged nervous breakdown and subsequent fleeing with the only remaining escape shuttle. With the government’s pulling of NASA funding, efforts to return me to Earth have so far been to no avail. This being a joint Russian-American space station, a party has reached out to our Russian brothers and a rescue mission is being arranged; despite the current tense political climate between our countries after recent Russian incursions into once-demilitarized zones.

I can only hope Maria is aboard.

I first met Sgt. Maria Abramova in 2005 when I docked on the Mississippi on my way to becoming the first black man to walk on the moon. When I returned from the moon I spent the next month on this station with Maria, despite Houston’s insistence I return home immediately. My fondness for her grew and over the following years we rearranged our missions so we would be working here together.

We went on spacewalks.

She discovered a new star.

We may have been the first astronauts to make love in space. (Although Buzz & Neil were up there for a while..)

We never met on Earth. We felt that would have cheapened our love. Our world was the stars. And she is mine. Soon she’ll arrive and I’ll follow her home like Polaris.

Supplies aboard are still plentiful. There is no serious cause for concern as of yet. I have my medicine and enough food to last until the Russians’ arrival.

That is one of the beautiful aspects of space exploration. No matter what goes on down there, once we exit our atmosphere we are a global community. We help each other, look out for each other — as it should be on Earth.

It’s beautiful up here at night. Not so much black, but a deep blue. A darker hue than on any artist’s palette. Like an unexplored ocean. Maria calls it “The Final Sea”.

Should be any day now. Maria’s arrival. The return of my love.

For now I can only sit at the window and watch The Final Sea roll gently past.

This must be heaven. Floating amongst the stars, waiting for my angel to return.

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