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Crosscurrents – Chapter 7

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Hacker Gary McCracken reunites with his old retired computer teacher — The Oracle — to uncover government secrets while being pursued by young FBI Agent Lily Weeten.

Chapter 7 – Digression

LILY:  You’re not going to like prison, Gary. I’ve met prisoners. I know prisons. A prisoner will tell you the scariest part of prison isn’t the threat of violence or the heart-aching isolation and loneliness. The scariest part of prison is coming face to face with who you really are.

(Captured fugitive hacker Gary McCracken is staring down at the table he’s shackled to in Interrogation Room B of FBI headquarters, while being grilled by Agent Lily Weeten and her partner Dick Reilly..)

GARY:  I just wanted to uncover the truth on Project Solar Warden. The American people deserve the tru–

LILY:  It isn’t real, Gary. That’s the irony. You uncovered a shit-ton of real government and military secrets — secrets that spies and enemy combatants would literally kill for — while searching for a fantasy.

DICK:  You’re one unlucky bastard, kid.

LILY:  But here’s the thing: You flip on your computer teacher Mr. Triskett and we’re willing to drop all charges and extradite you to England where the American judicial system can’t touch you. I want The Oracle, Gary. Give him to me.

GARY:  (looks up warily)  England?

(In Interrogation Room C..)

LILY:  We’ve got you dead to rights, Oracle.

LENNIE:  It’s Leonard, actually. Lennie, if we were friends.

LILY:  You exposed all those undercover CIA agents in the Soviet Union three decades ago and now you’re back again, uncovering state secrets and pinning it on your young protege Mr. McCracken.

LENNIE:  I’m just a retired old blind computer teacher. How could I hack into advanced military databases.

LILY:  Because you’ve got a sixth sense for it, Leonard. You don’t need to see the screen because you can feel it. Frankly, I admire you.

LENNIE:  If you admire me then let me go, Agent Weeten.

LILY:  You know I can’t do that, Mr. Triskett.

LENNIE:  Agent Weeten, do you believe in true love?

LILY:  Pardon.

LENNIE:  True love. Everything I did all those years ago was for love. For my Edith. Edith was a double agent for the Soviet Union, working in the CIA. Her real name was Alana Petrozen. She was the one who leaked those CIA names back to the Soviets. But I still loved her. When I discovered the truth, I knew I couldn’t lose her. So — knowing a thing or two about computers — I routed her server through my PC in my cubicle at the FBI, here in this very building, so it looked like I was the culprit. When the Agency finally caught on to me, she convinced me to run. We changed our identities and fled for Colorado. A decade later the heat had died down so we moved back to rural Virginia and started a family. I got a job at the local high school teaching computers and that’s where I eventually met Gary. I didn’t hack to get people killed or to fight my country. I did it out of love. True love.

(Agents Weeten & Reilly sit in silence for a moment..)

DICK:  I don’t buy it. Let’s water-board him.

LILY:  No. Look Mr. Triskett, you’re going to prison. We already worked out a deal with Gary and he’s going to be working for us now.

(On the roof of the FBI headquarters, the night sky is illuminated by a blinding light and Gary’s eyes widen..)

GARY:  Project Solar Warden.

AGENT:  That’s a helicopter.

(Back in Interrogation Room C, Lennie Triskett is being handcuffed and transported to federal prison..)

LENNIE:  I understand. Take care of Gary, will you.

LILY:  We will.

LENNIE:  Maybe I can start a garden on the prison grounds.

LILY:  That’s entirely possible.

LENNIE:  And I can bring Solo with me?

LILY:  (smiles)  Of course, Leonard.

(Lennie is led out of the room and down the hall by an FBI agent..)

LENNIE:  By chance, is there a computer lab in this prison?

AGENT:  Uh, yeah. In the library, I think.

LENNIE:  (grins)


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