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Crosscurrents – Chapter 6

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Hacker Gary McCracken reunites with his old retired computer teacher — The Oracle — to uncover government secrets while being pursued by young FBI Agent Lily Weeten.

Chapter 6 – Intuition

(Russian military adviser for the Ministry of Defense Yusev Gregovich is driving fugitive computer hackers Gary McCracken, Lennie Triskett and his seeing-eye dog Solo from West Virginia back to Washington D.C…)

YUSEV:  We will take a boat to Finland. From there we will trek to Moscow. You will be treated as royalty there.

GARY:  (elbows Lennie) Sounds pretty good.

LENNIE:  (earnestly whispering)  Gary, you can’t go to Russia. You can’t betray your country like this.

GARY:  This country betrayed its people first. Russia’s going to give me unlimited resources. I’ll be able to hack every database across the globe and finally get to the bottom of Project Solar Warden.

LENNIE: Project Solar Warden isn’t real. You’re tilting at windmills.

GARY:  And who are you to talk about betraying my country. You’re the one who exposed all those Soviet spies thirty years ago.

LENNIE:  That wasn’t about my country. That was about my job and my pride. You can’t go to Russia with this man. He’s dangerous.

(Both hackers glance at Yusev driving while Solo is sitting in the front passenger seat licking his hand..)

YUSEV:  What was that about Soviet spies?

LENNIE:  Heh, no. I said you’ve got lovely eyes.

YUSEV:  Aren’t you blind?

LENNIE:  Well yes, but that just means my other senses are heightened.

(Yusev gives the aged hacking legend an odd look in the rear-view mirror..)

(FBI agent Lily Weeten is glued to her laptop monitor as her partner Dick Reilly careens through D.C. streets..)

LILY:  They’re heading for the docks. They’re trying to flee the country.

DICK:  Good thing that blogger for the Post held onto McCracken’s number so we could track his cellphone. You’d think a computer nerd would be smarter than that.

LILY:  Sometimes the genius can also be the fool.

DICK:  What’s that, Confucius?

LILY:  No, me! Pretty good, right?

(Yusev steps out of the van on the D.C. docks and squints up at hovering helicopters..)

YUSEV:  The vultures are circling.

GARY:  (looks up)  Are those for us?

DICK:  One thing’s for sure, McCracken: They’re not here for the fish festival. ‘Cause that’s next weekend.

LILY:  Dick, you’re really bad at those.

(The FBI agents approach the three men now surrounded by various authorities and agencies..)

GARY:  Oh no, I was right! Project Solar Warden is real and the men in black are here to silence me.

DICK:  And women in black.

LILY:  This suit is charcoal. Look McCracken, you’re under arrest. Take him back to Langley.

(Lily shoves past Gary and gets up in Lennie’s face..)

LILY:  The Oracle, I presume?

LENNIE:  (smiles)  I’m afraid you must have me confused with somebody else.

LILY:  (chuckles)  Oh, I don’t think I do. After three decades on the run I’m going to be the one to finally take you dow–(glances down at a panting Solo)–aww, puppy!

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