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Crosscurrents – Chapter 5

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Hacker Gary McCracken reunites with his old retired computer teacher — The Oracle — to uncover government secrets while being pursued by young FBI Agent Lily Weeten.

Chapter 5 – Six Of A Kind

(FBI agents Lily Weeten & Dick Reilly are sitting in their black Crown Victoria at the meeting point Lily left on the recorded message wanted hacker Gary McCracken was to call..)

DICK:  You sure McCracken’s coming?

LILY:  Somebody contacted the recording with our location. With the specific information we left on the conspiracy forums I can’t imagine anyone but McCracken calling that number. Nobody else has even heard of Project Solar Warden.

DICK:  Why this abandoned warehouse on the docks as a meeting point?

LILY:  Conspiracy nuts always imagine stuff like this going down on the docks as a thick fog rolls in.

DICK:  It’s a perfectly clear day. Hell, it’s practically balmy.

LILY:  Close enough.

DICK:  Did you bring snacks?

(Gary McCracken, Lennie Triskett and his seeing-eye dog Solo are driving towards their agreed-upon destination..)

LENNIE:  You sure these people have information on your Project Solar Warden?

GARY:  That’s what they said on my conspiracy forum,

(Lennie gives Gary an odd look..)

GARY:  The ‘Garfield’ will throw off any government operatives who come across the URL.

LENNIE:  Obviously.

(Dick is snoring loudly in the drivers seat when a car approaches theirs on the dock and Lily shakes her partner awake..)

DICK:  Buh?

LILY:  McCracken.

DICK:  Guh.

(The door opens and a short redheaded young man with a notebook approaches the tinted Crown Vic smiling. Lily furrows her brow down at the photo ID of Gary..)

LILY:  That’s not McCracken.

DICK:  Looks like a computer nerd to me. Maybe it’s your ‘Oracle’.

LILY:  The Oracle is your age.

(Lily steps out of the car and Jim Ritz holds out his hand with a grin..)

RITZ:  Jim Ritz, tech blogger for the Washington Post.

LILY:  You’re the one who responded to our forum post.

RITZ:  Yes, I was interviewing a source on some leaked government information when he began going on about alien technology and a ‘Project Solar Warden’. I was about to give up on the story entirely as the ramblings of a madman when I Googled the project and your forum post came up.

LILY:  You’ve been in touch with Gary McCracken?

RITZ:  (smug grin)  Ma’am, we both know I’m not allowed to reveal my sources.

(Dick tackles Jim Ritz to the ground and shoves his glock in the blogger’s mouth..)

DICK:  Where’s the perp, punk!

LILY:  Dick!

(Lily pushes her partner off Ritz and helps him back to his feet..)

RITZ:  That is assault! That is assault with a deadly weapon! I will contact–

(Dick flashes his badge with a sneer..)

DICK:  The authorities?

RITZ:  FBI? What’s going on here.

LILY:  James, Mr. McCracken has uncovered some top secret military files. We just need to speak with him.

RITZ:  So all that alien crap was real.

LILY:  No, we just posted that to draw him out into the open. Feed into his delusion. Clearly it didn’t work. If you have any information on his whereabouts at all.

RITZ:  The last time I saw them was in the women’s bathing suit section of a Filene’s Basement in D.C..

LILY:  (frowns)

RITZ:  His choice. I thought it was strange.

LILY:  You said ‘them’. Was Mr. McCracken with someone?

RITZ:  Yes, an older man. With a dog.

LILY:  (eyes light up)  Was this older man perhaps blind?

RITZ:  Well, that would explain the dog.

(Lily grabs Dick’s arm excitedly..)

LILY:  The Oracle.

RITZ:  I don’t..wear women’s bathing suits.

DICK:  Ain’t illegal, son.

(Gary, Lennie & Solo are walking through a West Virginia cornfield..)

LENNIE:  Where are these people?

GARY:  (checking a compass app on his phone)  These are the coordinates they gave me.

(A rustling behind the hackers reveals a stern, heavy-jowled older man in a pea coat..)

YUSEV:  Mr. McCracken.

GARY:  (spins around)  How’d you know my name?

(Lennie spins around in a circle slapping his hands against corn stalks as Solo chases his tail..)

LENNIE:  Where is he? This cornfield’s got me all screwed up.

GARY:  Just follow his voice. Haven’t you been blind for a while now?

YUSEV:  I am Yusev Gregovich, top military adviser for the government of the great country of Russia.

LENNIE:  Oh boy.

YUSEV:  I am a great fan of your work, Gary McCracken. Our government could use a man with your skills. I know your government is pursuing you. It is only a matter of time before they catch you. Come with me and you and your father–

LENNIE:  Just a friend.

YUSEV:  –you and your partner–

LENNIE:  Just a friend!

YUSEV:  –can live out the rest of your lives in comfort and security in the bosom of Mother Russia.

GARY:  So you have no new information on Project Solar Warden.

LENNIE:  Not the top priority right now, Gar.

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