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Crosscurrents – Chapter 2

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 07/17/2014


Hacker Gary McCracken reunites with his old retired computer teacher — The Oracle — to uncover government secrets while being pursued by young FBI Agent Lily Weeten.

Chapter 2 – Crosscurrent

(FBI Agent Lily Weeten is pacing around Agent Dick Reilly’s office..)

LILY:  The Oracle is the most wanted computer hacker in the history of computing. He basically invented hacking in the early-80’s. No one’s been able to identify his identity or pinpoint his location for decades. Most believe he retired to some tropical island somewhere. He hit banks, pharmaceutical companies, government databases, both domestic and international. You name it, he hacked it. He’s the white whale of cyber crime. If McCracken knows The Oracle, knows where he is..

DICK:  Uh huh. Hey rookie, smell this coffee creamer. Does this smell spoiled to you?

LILY:  (sighs)

(At the Fauquier County Public Library, Gary McCracken and Lennie Triskett are sitting at a computer terminal..)

LENNIE:  This is risky, Gary.

GARY:  Well, I’m not using my computer. Or yours. We’ve got eyes on us now. We have to be extra careful.

LENNIE:  What exactly are we looking for in those DoD documents, anyway.

GARY:  Any out of the ordinary phrases like ‘non-terrestrial officers’ or ‘fleet-to-fleet transfers’. Project Solar Warden could end up being the biggest government coverup since the Kennedy assassination.

LENNIE:  Or it could be a crock of shit.

GARY:  Have faith, Lennie.

LENNIE:  I lost faith a long time ago, Gary. When Edith passed.

(Solo puts his paws up on the computer terminal and licks Gary’s hand as he feverishly types..)

GARY:  Edith was a great lady, Lennie. She’d always make those lemon bars when you were teaching me computers.

LENNIE:  And now look. I’ve created a monster.

GARY:  What about Kendra. Does she ever come by the house to help out?

LENNIE:  My daughter? She’s in Arizona. Got tired of looking at a sad doddering blind old fool.

GARY:  Oh, come on. You’re not..doddering.

LENNIE:  Her husband got a new job and they moved to the desert. For the best.

GARY:  Gotta say, Len. You are really bumming me out.

LENNIE:  Never mind me. You find anything yet?

GARY:  The bandwidth isn’t strong enough in this little local library. And a lot of sites are blocked. A hack from here would raise a lot of alarm bells. What we need is a government library. Somewhere where people will already be accessing military/government websites and we won’t arouse as much suspicion.

LENNIE:  Yes, an old blind man, a kid who’s clearly on the spectrum and a dog. We won’t arouse any suspicion at all.

GARY:  We need to go to D.C..

(Lennie sighs and Solo urinates in a nearby stack..)

(Agent Weeten is in FBI Director Donna Chacon’s office..)

LILY:  Nobody knows what The Oracle looks like. No one’s ever gotten a clear photo of him. But we know what McCracken looks like and we know the general vicinity he operates in. If we can get to McCracken , we could get to The Oracle.

DONNA:  But I thought McCracken was the focus of your case.

LILY:  He was. He is, Director. He pulled off the biggest military computer hack this country’s ever seen. But The Oracle is the most wanted cyber criminal  in FBI history. His capture would be a huge win for the Bureau. If we can find McCracken and get him to flip The Oracle, maybe we could commute his sentence. Get him extradited to England or something.

DONNA:  Agent Weeten, I know Assistant Director Lee assigned Agent Reilly as lead on this one; but I’m trusting you with this case. Make me proud.

LILY:  Yes, Madam Director.

DONNA:  What’s your first move?

LILY:  We need to go to Northern Virginia.

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