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Crosscurrents – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Wow

(Sixty-year-old retiree Lennie Triskett is doing some light gardening in his Northern Virginia backyard when he hears his front door burst open. His Alaskan Malamute, Solo, bounds through the screen door and Lennie follows. Gary McCracken, a thirty-year-old former protege of Lennie’s is pacing in his living room. Lennie sits down in his recliner while Solo playfully chases Gary back and forth on the thick shag carpet..)

LENNIE:  Gary, is that you?

(Solo barks and nips at Gary’s heels..)

GARY:  This is big, Lennie. This is really big.

(Gary hands Lennie a handful of print-outs messily scribbled on and Lennie stares blankly out the large picture window..)

LENNIE:  What is this, Gary.

GARY:  (still pacing, pulling at hair)  On the internet they’ve taken to calling them ‘The Wow Documents’. Project Solar Warden. An off-the-books program run by the DoD and under the authority of the UN. Manned space fleets operating outside the boundaries of Earth’s orbit. UFO technology, reverse-engineered. Spaceships running on free energy. Anti-gravity.  (shuffling papers, holding them in Lennie’s unblinking face)  Look at this: ‘non-terrestrial officers’; ‘fleet-to-fleet transfers’. It’s all here. Everything I’ve been looking for.

LENNIE:  What did you do, Gary.

GARY:  I’m gonna need a place to crash for a while. Lay low.

LENNIE:  Gary, what did you do.

GARY:  I pulled off the biggest military computer hack of all-time.

LENNIE:  (sighs, stands up with the aid of his cane)  I’ll put a pot of coffee on.

(In Langley, Virginia, second-year FBI agent Lily Weeten is presenting to her supervisor Assistant Director Andrew Lee..)

LILY:  It’s the biggest military computer hack of all-time. He took down the firewalls for three Army bases on American soil and one abroad. He crashed CIA servers. He wiped out entire top secret Naval files.

ANDREW:  (points to a specific section of print-outs on his desk)  What’s this here?

LILY:  Oh, he downloaded some old crap files from the DoD. But the rest of this is a serious security breach.

ANDREW:  And you’re sure it’s this McCracken kid.

LILY:  (nods)  He’s been staying at his girlfriend’s aunt’s place in Manassas, in her attic. I can be there this afternoon to question her.

ANDREW:  No, I’m gonna put Agent Reilly on this one.

LILY:  But sir, I brought this case to your attention.

ANDREW:  Reilly’s been at this a lot longer than you have, Weeten. Good work on the intel. Go meet with Reilly and bring him up to speed.

(Lily sighs and exits the assistant director’s office..)

(Lennie & Gary are sitting at Lennie’s dining room table drinking coffee while Solo looks up at them wagging his tail hopefully..)

LENNIE:  Gary, if you turn yourself in now the government may be willing to work out a lighter sentence.

GARY:  If I turn myself in now you’ll never hear from me again. Don’t you see what I’ve found here?

LENNIE:  (frowns)

GARY:  Sorry. I mean, don’t you understand what I’ve found here. Project Solar Warden is what I’ve been searching for all my life. Proof of alien technology, reverse-engineering, secret government programs. Men in black, Lennie!

LENNIE:  What you’ve found isn’t proof, Gary. It’s words on a page.

GARY:  A page I wasn’t supposed to see. A page nobody was supposed to see.

LENNIE:  Which is why you need to turn yourself in now and beg for mercy.

GARY:  I need your help, Gary. I need to dig deeper. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. You were right. We need more proof.

(Lennie ponders while his dog eats the cookie he was holding right out of his hand..)

GARY:  (points)  Um.  (reconsiders)

(Agent Lily Weeten and Agent Dick Reilly are sitting down with Gary McCracken’s girlfriend Kenzie in the coffee shop where she works..)

KENZIE:  Ex-girlfriend.

REILLY:  You and Mr. McCracken are no longer together.

KENZIE:  Correct.

REILLY:  So Mr. McCracken no longer lives in your aunt’s attic.

KENZIE:  She kicked him out two weeks ago. Said her electric bills were through the roof.

(Agent Reilly leans back and talks out the side of his mouth to his young partner..)

REILLY:  Some bum intel you got there, Weeten.

LILY:  (ignores Reilly and leans in close to Kenzie)  Is there anywhere else he would go. A job? Somewhere we could find him.

KENZIE:  His boss at Best Buy called my aunt’s the other day. Said he hasn’t been to work in three weeks. He doesn’t have any friends he can stay with. Doesn’t have any friends at all, really. What kind of trouble is Gary in.

LILY:  Nothing serious. He just has some information that may help us.

KENZIE:  (rolls her eyes)  It’s the computers again.

(Lily smiles and Kenzie takes a sip of her frappuccino caramel swirl choco-blaster..)

KENZIE:  He would always mention a hacker buddy, used to go on and on about him. He was like a teacher to Gar. Called him..The Obstacle?

LILY:  The Oracle?

KENZIE:  Yeah, that’s it.

LILY:  (leans back in her seat)  My god.

(Back in Fauquier County, Lennie trips over Solo while Gary laughs from the couch..)

LENNIE:  Goddammit, Solo! What kind of seeing-eye dog are you?

SOLO:  Ruff!

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