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Subconsciously – Chapter 10

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American Lee Cohn lies her way through England in order to acquire a football team endorsement for e-Pocalypse energy supplement e-cigarettes.

Chapter 10 – Rebecca

(Manchester crime boss Quentin Percy walks into a quiet pawn shop in North London where an older woman is crocheting behind the counter..)

PERCY:  Hello, mum.

REBECCA:  Hello, luv. Making a drop-off?

PERCY:  No, mum. Just letting you know one’s on its way. This American girl says she has a whole warehouse full of those new e-cigarettes.

REBECCA:  What the bloody hell are we going to do with rubbish e-cigarettes?

PERCY:  (grins)  They’re full of meth.

(Rebecca sets down her crochet needles..)

REBECCA:  Cheeky bastard.

(Lee Cohn & Bread Wellesley are sitting on the back of the brand-new bleachers at Bumfordshire Field, watching the Humpledumps football club winning another match thanks to curious referee calls and a meth-fueled lineup..)

LEE:  Nellie called. Notchizedes’ plane should be landing late tonight.

BREAD:  I want to give you some men.

LEE:  Pardon?

BREAD:  These people we’re dealing with are dangerous. You’re the brains of the operation and you should be protected. I’m going to give you two of my best men.

LEE:  (smiles)  You

BREAD:  (defensively)  I’ve got a crew.

LEE:  What do you do, pick pockets? Steal bread from the baker and wax from the candlestick maker? Oh my god, are you the Artful Dodger?

BREAD:  (frowns)  We’ve nicked some wallets. And yes, I used to steal bread when I was a lad. And yes, that’s how I got my name. But my boys are right hard.

LEE:  Pardon.

BREAD:  They’re tough.

LEE:  Oh, I thought you meant like boners.

BREAD:  One of ’em is named Boner. But I’m not giving you him.

(Bread leans over the back rail of the bleachers and hollers at two young men smoking by the road..)

BREAD:  Oi! Art! Des! Get over here!

(Bread’s boys — Art Pepper, a short redheaded freckled tough in a driving cap and Desmond Paul, a tall hulking black man in an army jacket — put out their butts as Lee steps down off the bleachers and holds out her hand..)

BREAD:  Lee Cohn, this is Art & Des; my two best men. Boys, Lee here’s got an important business deal coming up and you’re gonna have her back.

DESMOND:  Ma’am.

ART:  (doffs cap)  Ma’am.

LEE:  Oh, they’re so polite.

BREAD:  Now just because she’s an American girl don’t mean she’s a slut. Keep your hands to yourselves and watch her back. In a platonic sense.

LEE:  Okay, that’s enough.

ART:  We won’t let anything happen to you, ma’am.

LEE:  Boys, it’s just a Mexican drug lord and a British mob boss. I think I can handle myself. But if you wanna carry my stuff around, I guess that’s okay.

BREAD:  Lee, this Quentin fella’s right mental. And he ain’t even the boss. And I don’t know about this Mexican bloke, but didn’t you say he kidnapped your boss’ family?

LEE:  (shrugs)  What’s the worst that could happen?

(On “Nacho” Notchizedes’ private jet screaming through the sky toward London, the drug lord and his #2 Marco are speaking quietly in the stewardess’ quarters in the back of the plane while Nellie is sleeping..)

MARCO:  After this deal, what do we do with the American women?

NELLIE:  (grins)  What do we do with everyone we do business with? We fucking kill them.

(Back in the quiet North London pawn shop..)

PERCY:  What do we do with these Mexicans after we take their meth, mum?

REBECCA:  (sips tea, smiles)  The same thing we do with all our business associates, luv. We fucking kill them.

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