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Drug Kingpin Nate Newton’s Pro Football Prognostications – Week 13

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 11/28/2013

Nate Newton

Burgeoning drug kingpin Nate Newton builds his drug empire and gives you his football picks each week.

Week Thirteen

One of ‘Lil Billy Bates’ best dealers, Mikey-I, gets ripped off by some weedheads.

Bates:  You got the details on those stoners that jumped you, Mikey?

Irvin:  Yeah, I found ’em.

Bates:  (reading Mikey-I’s scrawled chickenscratch) This a ‘5’ or an ‘S’?

Irvin:  That’s a 5, yo. No wait….S. No, no….yeah, it’s a 5.

Bates:  Jesus, how do you misspell ‘street’?

Irvin:  Hey man, I’m slangin’ mad volume and stackin’ fat benjis, knowmsayin’? I can’t be bothered with spellin’ every little thing right.

Bates:  Whatever, you got names?

Irvin:  Her name was….I dunno, just some lady. But people on the streets call him Bernie.

Bates:  Bernie? Not Brock? Not Butch? Lemme get this straight, you got jacked by a man named Bernie?

Lions (-6) over Packers

Cowboys (-10) over Raiders

Ravens (-3) over Steelers

Browns (-7) over Jaguars

Colts (-4) over Titans

Bears (+1) over Vikings

Jets (-2) over Dolphins

Cardinals (+3) over Eagles

Panthers (-8) over Buccaneers

Patriots (-9) over Texans

Bills (-3) over Falcons

49ers (-8) over Rams

Chiefs (+6) over Broncos

Chargers (-2) over Bengals

Giants (-2) over Washington

Saints (+5) over Seahawks


Last Week:  7-7

Best Week:  12-3-1 (Week 4)

Season:  75-76-11 (.497)

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