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Drug Kingpin Nate Newton’s Pro Football Prognostications – Week 12

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 11/21/2013

Nate Newton

Burgeoning drug kingpin Nate Newton builds his drug empire and gives you his football picks each week.

Week Twelve

Nate Newton and ‘Lil Billy Bates are sitting in an East Texas Krystal, eating burgers and discussing their future.

Newton:  (stuffing four burgers piled on top of each other into his mouth)  The way I see it, we got two choices. We go into business with yet another homicidal lunatic like Merton…or you and I start on our own. I grow the weed and you sell as much as you can.

Bates:  There’s a third way.

Newton:  What’s that.

Bates:  We gotta be Merton.

Newton:  (thoughtfully stuffs another four burgers piled on top of each other into his fat gaw)

And so Nate and Billy decided to begin their own empire.

Saints (-10) over Falcons

Browns (-1) over Steelers

Lions (-10) over Buccaneers

Packers (-5) over Vikings

Chargers (+5) over Chiefs

Rams (-1) over Bears

Panthers (-5) over Dolphins

Ravens (-4) over Jets

Texans (-10) over Jaguars

Titans (+1) over Raiders

Colts (+1) over Cardinals

Cowboys (+3) over Giants

Patriots (+3) over Broncos

49ers (-6) over Washington


Last Week:  6-6-3

Best Week:  12-3-1 (Week 4)

Season:  68-69-11 (.497)


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