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Drug Kingpin Nate Newton’s Pro Football Prognostications – Week 11

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 11/14/2013

Nate Newton

Burgeoning drug kingpin Nate Newton builds his drug empire and gives you his football picks each week.

Week Eleven

Been a tough week for ‘Ol Nate and ‘Lil Billy Bates. Billy’s parents kicked him out and he’s been sleepin’ in the grow-house RV. My wife won’t let me walk a yard out the house without telling her where I’m goin’, after my “incident”. Hard to lord over a weed empire when your old lady on your back. But she means well. I mean, I am illegally growing and selling marijuana to pay off my Fatal Fat Neck Syndrome hospital bills. I’d be suspicious, too.

Colts (-3) over Titans

Jets (+1) over Bills

Ravens (+3) over Bears

Bengals (-6) over Browns

Eagles (-4) over Washington

Lions (-3) over Steelers

Buccaneers (+2) over Falcons

Cardinals (-7) over Jaguars

Raiders (+7) over Texans

Chargers (-1) over Dolphins

49ers (+3) over Saints

Packers (+5) over Giants

Seahawks (-12) over Vikings

Chiefs (+8) over Broncos

Patriots (+3) over Panthers


Last Week:  6-7-1

Best Week:  12-3-1 (Week 4)

Season:  62-63-8 (.496)

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