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Drug Kingpin Nate Newton’s Pro Football Prognostications – Week 6

Posted in erbooker by erbooker on 10/10/2013

Nate Newton

Burgeoning drug kingpin Nate Newton builds his drug empire and gives you his football picks each week.

Week Six

My fatal fat neck syndrome has had me on my back all week, leaving ‘Lil Billy Bates to do the heavy lifting selling our product. He got in touch with a rival dealer named Merton, a long-necked goofy-lookin’ fool who promptly beat the shit out of the little guy. It was time to lay down Newton’s Law. Nobody messes with my little special teamer but me. I headed to Merton’s safe-house with a backpack full of cherry bombs and plunked one in every toilet in the place. Did the cool slow-motion walkaway as flumes of toilet water rocketed into the sky. Merton will think twice before he messes with Fat Neck Newton again.

Giants (+8) over Bears

Bengals (-8) over Bills

Lions (-1) over Browns

Chiefs (-10) over Raiders

Panthers (+1) over Vikings

Jets (-2) over Steelers

Buccaneers (+2) over Eagles

Ravens (+2) over Packers

Rams (+9) over Texans

Broncos (-27) over Jaguars

Titans (+15) over Seahawks

Patriots (-3) over Saints

Cardinals (+12) over 49ers

Cowboys (-6) over Washington

Colts (+2) over Chargers


Last Week:  6-8

Best Week:  12-3-1 (Week 4)

Season:  36-37-4 (.494)

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